Pounce Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Pounce
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Infiltrator
Alternate Mode: Puma

Height: 5cm Length: 12cm Width: 8cm

   An indigo, off-white and magenta robotic puma, with the slightly flexible magenta plastic limited to the thinner appendages (tail, feet). Pounce has a white head with orange eyes. There's some light blue sticking out from the sides which keeps Pounce's colour scheme from being unified. There are no allegiance stickers in this mode. While it's not a bad colour scheme the colours don't come together as well as I'd like.

   All four clones were designed as robots first and alt mode second, and Pounce suffers the most as a result. The feet are thin, spindly things which are designed to stow away in robot mode while the robot itself sits above the ground, forming a body that's too bulky for the legs. The shape of the body is generally fairly good, although the robot arms sit very obviously underneath the trunk of the cat and the forelegs attach to these arms rather than the trunk itself which looks bad.

   There's not a lot of play value here, although his guns can mount in screw holes on his back, right at the front of the toy. They don't quite belong, but I'm glad the option is there. Thankfully the joints attaching the feet are sturdy, so while he looks awkward, Pounce will happily stand on his scrawny legs (something a lot of BW toys have trouble with). The tail can swing up and down as part of the transformation and there's some wiggle in his legs, but his pose is effectively static.

   This is easily Pounce's weaker mode and my least favourite of the clone alt modes. The idea is good but the execution - especially the forelegs - is sloppy. The colour layout doesn't help at all, he really looks disjointed.


   Straigten the legs and flip away the feet, fold the tail away between the robot boots. Swing up the forelegs and swing out the arms. Flip out his fists, swing the puma head right back, flip out the robot head from within the torso and fold the puma head into the torso.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 7cm

   Essentially this mode looks the same as Wingspan's robot mode - they are clones, after all. The torso is light blue, the boots indigo and the head, arms, thighs and feet are off-white. His eyes are again orange, set deep in a face that's otherwise white. There are two rubsigns on the torso - a round one on the chest which reveals a puma head and a standard Decepticon rubsign on his groin - Pounce's only allegiance symbol. The colour scheme is far more unified now, partly because the magenta has disappeared and partly because the colours now sit in solid blocks rather than being mashed as they were in puma mode.

   Other than some magenta hints on the back of the arms and boots, this robot mode is pretty much identical to that of Wingspan - the guns are the only notable difference. Pounce has two indigo bayonet-style rifles, which have two handles each that allow him to hold them as guns or machetes. For all the shortcomings of this toy's puma mode, I really like the guns - not only are the versatile but they make great machetes yet still work as guns.

   The poseability is limited to swinging shoulders - the arms rotate 360 and his arms can fold over his chest (due to the transformation joints). There is no leg movement, so the arms and versatile weapons represent all of Pounce's play value.

   While the robot mode looks fairly generic, it's a perfect match to Wingspan and the colours work quite well. The design isn't really anything special, although it's easily Pounce's better mode - the guns making it slightly cooler than his twin's robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A decent robot mode and inventive guns aren't quite enough to save this toy from a horrible beast mode. Pounce is really only worthwhile accompanied by Wingspan, but even then I'd rate the Decepticon clones as weaker than their Autobot counterparts. Really one for the completists - 4.5/10

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