Power of the Primes Blot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Blot
Series: Power of the Primes
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Ape Monster

Height: 11cm Length: 8cm Width: 10cm (all will depend on pose)

   A navy blue monster with lavender purple forelimbs and legs, along with a purple stalk thing behind his head (a mount for his gun), Blot has red eyes and some silver, yellow and red painted (and sculpted) detailing on either side of his head. There's a subtle lavender paint app on his claws - it's slightly lighter than the lavender plastic, and this is clearly deliberate as his feet are painted the "normal" lavender over navy plastic. While I don't think a second shade of lavender makes much of a difference myself, I love the attention to detail it represents. He has a faux-rubsign on top of his head - it's a silver sticker with a purple Decepticon logo bounded by black. It's a good colour scheme that matches G1 well - and now it actually looks like something.

   G1 Blot is fairly notorious for his beast mode not looking like anything in particular. This beast has retained the same overall vibe - and a similar hunched forward head - but now actually looks like something. The body itself is broadly cubic while his legs are hunched and his arms splay out to the sides. I would say it's a gorilla-esque beast, and this is less of a _guess_ than in G1. The shape is loosely inspired by the gorilla-esque shape of his alt mode seen in G1 media, albeit stockier. I'm actually really happy that Blot looks like something!

   On top of looking like something, Blot has pretty good play value. His navy gun can clip into either side of the stalk behind his head - it's really meant for the left side - and can rotate allowing him to aim up (or backwards, I suppose). The stalk has some wiggle at the base, too. His shoulders and elbows are ball jointed and thanks to transformation his claws can actually close on things (they have three "fingers" each and the inner ones can close in). The hips and ankles swing - the latter are somewhat restricted. His hips ratchet out to the sides, and he's stable in a fairly range of poses thanks to his large feet.

   While it's not hard to improve on his G1 toy, this is a great beast mode. It sticks to G1's concept and makes it work - retaining his colours and working off the cartoon character model. Play value is good and the paint job is well considered. And... he's more than an ill-defined thing.


   Detach and set aside his gun. Unclip the back half and swing down to form his legs - clipping the beast legs onto the outsides of his boots. Unclip the beast head, swing back about 180 degrees and then clip on to form a fairly tight backpack. The "stalk" will now be sticking out on his skid plate - fold it down. Push the arms into his torso to get his shoulders collapsed, swing away the inner claw fingers, which reveals his fists. Give Blot his gun and you're done.

Height: 14cm Width: 6cm

   Blot is again navy and lavender, with his torso upper arms and boots. He has a silver face with red eyes and good detailing. There's a purple Decepticon logo on his chest, with silver and yellow painted detailing on either side - at a glance it may look the same but it's actually different detailing to that on animal mode (which is now on his backpack). As a result of his transformation, all three claws are on the outsides of his fists, but only the outer two are painted light lavender. Again the colour scheme - and layout - are true to G1, but the body shape is immeasurably better than the complete mess that is the robot mode of the G1 toy.

   Sure, he has a backpack, but it's compact against his torso... and Blot has no stability issues. The beast legs on his boots are inconspicuous enough and faithful to G1. In short, this is the robot mode Blot waited 31 years for.

   Poseability is good - and about as expected. His neck, shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed. His waist turns (although you have to lift out the stalk, slightly). His knees are hinged with rotators while his feet are in that "legs slightly speed" position - he lacks ankle tilts. He can hold the gun in either hand, but the post on the side means it works best in his left hand (so that post sits on the inside). He actually can hold the gun by that post on the side... but only just.

   A great robot mode - and not just because Blot finally has a proper robot mode. The colours are good, he handles his kibble well, the paint job is good and play value is also good. The only thing I think we could have asked for his is ankle tilts - hardly a flaw, though.


   None that I'm aware of. He forms the right arm of Abominus. Generations Select Gulf is an extensive retool of Blot.


   A very good toy... which stands in stark contrast to the crappiness of his original toy. The colours are spot on for the character, the paint job is well considered and poseability works well in both modes. The ape monster mode even provides a different style of transformation to the Combiner Wars template. An excellent toy that turns the loser of the G1 Scramble City toys into a winner - 10/10

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