Pointblank Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Pointblank
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Enforcer
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Racing Car

Height: 5.5cm Length: 12.5cm Width: 7cm

   A deep magenta racing buggy with smallish black plastic tyres, baby blue hubcaps, twin rear spoilers and a third baby blue spoiler just behind the blue cabin, which has off white windows. The magenta is very close to red and works well with the baby blue, and is augmented by various stickers with red details such as flames. It's an unusual choice of colours that works well because things have been kept simple.

   The play value here is about what you'd expect - the tyres roll (while the hubcaps stay still!) and you can mount Peacemaker in gun mode in a hole on top of the roof. The car looks good with or without mounted gun - unlike some Targetmasters which clearly look better in one configuration that the other. Peacemaker's colours aren't a perfect match but his red is close to the magenta of Pointblank so the pairing works.

   The moulding here is slightly disappointing compared to Transformers of previous years, but is typical of the more stylised 1987 Transformers. The detail doesn't approach the Diaclone based Transformers' level - Pointblank relies quite heavily on stickers for much of his detail which is a little disappointing. There is some moulded detail on his spoilers and a rubsign indent on the bonnet, along with bumpers on the protruding front fenders.

   Despite the relative lack of detail this is still a nice car mode. The colours work, and I'm glad they bothered with black tyres. The Targetmaster gimmick comes off nicely and the car design works well, even if it's clearly not a real car. It's probably not as good as Crosshairs's car mode but it's just as satisfying.


   Remove the central spoiler and flip the back out to form his legs. Rotate the waist, rotate the front fenders to form shoulderpads, lift out the blue forearms. Fold back the doors onto his back and fold back the bonnet to reveal his head. Pose the arms, place Peacemaker into either hand and reattach the spoiler as a shield or on his skidplate.

Height: 14cm Width: 12.5cm

   The magenta is still quite dominant here, on his shoulderpads and boots, but the blue really comes into it's own on his torso, forearms and kneecaps (the rear spoilers). Black also comes into play on his groin, thighs and head while there's a lot of off white paint on his chest (the windows) and on his face, which brings out a detailed face. The colours again work here - perhaps moreso now that we've gone for more black. There's an Autobot logo on his right shoulderpad, while both shoulderpads have mounted wheels and the chest is the cabin, which makes Pointblank an aesthetically appealing robot.

   As with the other Autobot Targetmasters of 1987, Pointblank is better for having obvious car elements in his robot mode, despite being a Cybertronian vehicle. A lot of G1 toys of 1987-89 had generic robot modes, which got kind of boring (especially with some of the early Pretenders). The boots are a single piece, with a magenta connection at the back of his knees, which doesn't look so good and doesn't really need to be there (there's no rear axles or anything). Otherwise there are no proportion issues here - the shoulderpads stick out but are cool design elements rather than kibble or lazy engineering.

   The poseability here is pretty good for the time - his shoulders lift out to the sides while the shoulderpads swing back and forth, effectively giving his shoulders full motion. The elbows bend and his wrists rotate. The legs are static but this is hardly unusual for G1. Adding to the play value is the transforming gun and the optional shield formed from his spoiler, which can sit out of the way at the back if you prefer (you can even attach it to his groin as a shield, although it's a little phallic).

   The joined knees count as a flaw but I can live with it. The design is visually appealing and the head nice and detailed, which suggest the simple lines of the vehicle mode were a design decision rather than laziness. Peacemaker is a convincing gun and the arm poseability is impressive.

   A long barrelled piston with a large black stock, the handle sits on his back, which becomes the underside of the gun while the stock is his legs. The barrel ends up behind his legs, the hinge is his hips. The resulting humanoid mode is pretty good, with no screws or handle on the front. His face is silver with a nose, eyes and a mouth.


   None that I'm aware of.


   One of my favourite Targetmasters, Pointblank is a good toy regardless of the gimmick, Peacemaker is really a bonus. Unusual colours and some nice design elements in robot mode make Pointblank work, while the car mode is solid and Peacemaker a good Targetmaster. Recommended if you like Targetmasters - 8/10

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