Animated 2 Pack Megatron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: Animated
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Space Cannon (apparently)

Height: 6cm Length: 19.5cm Width: 14cm

   A black and grey vehicle-like... thing... with transparent red here and there. The front is mainly grey with hints of metallic pink battle damage, the rear mainly black while there's an arched piece on top which is black with transparent red sides. There are silver VTOL-ish circles on top of his wings and red taillights - these are the only really identifiable painted features. The colour scheme is typically Megatron, aside from the pink. I'm not really sure how you inflict pink metallic battle damage on a space cannon!

   This is a very poorly defined alt mode. The tail is a point with red lights at the tip, the black wings sweep forward, the front is a collection of grey blocks with pink and the arched piece on top doesn't really look like anything specific, although I suspect it's meant to be a gun barrel. In the show, this mode is shown very briefly, but from the glimpse we do get, it appears that the toy is upside-down and backwards. This would make some sense, since the back of this arch looks something like the angry end of a gun. You can't really turn this mode upside-down, but backwards is no problem.

   There's not much play value here - there are three grey plastic wheels underneath and that's it. The "barrel" is fixed, so it can only really fire backwards.

   More than anything else, this alternate mode just doesn't look like anything. Sure, G1 Galvatron was also a space cannon, but that toy clearly looked like it was designed to shoot things. This one looks like it is designed to fly, but other than that... well, it looks like a poorly folded up robot - and for good reason. The barrel is too indistinct, I suspect someone at Hasbro messed up and made this one backwards, and other than the business end of the gun on top, there's little suggesting this is meant to shoot stuff. The colours are okay for the most part, but the pink is ridiculous. Thankfully it's minimal here - it does most of its damage in robot mode.


   Remove the arch, fold the "front" up, allowing one red panel to flip over the other side, forming a sort of blade, and fold the front down, set aside for now. Split the rear, fold the tips into the sides forming shinpads, swing the wings in, fold in the wheel panels to form his calves, rotate the legs down into position and flip out the feet and heelspurs. Fold down his hip panels, unclip the arms, swing down to his sides. Plug the blade into a socket on his right forearm.

   The transformation is relatively involved, if not especially elegant or clever. Most of it centres around turning the legs into the back of the space cannon, and while this part is well done, the arm transformation is a bit simple and the arch on top covers a lot of robot, in a cheaty fashion.

Height: 18cm Width: 13.5cm (dimensions include weapon)

   A silver robot with black boots and hands, Megatron has some transparent red elbows and eyes - the latter has a good lightpipe while his feet and waist are pink, along with various battled damaged spots on his head, arms, right foot and torso. This is that metallic pink, now more prominent. While the silver, black and transparent red are fine - and work well together - they're all overshadowed by this ridiculous pink. There's even pink damage on his face. I'm struggling to work out what the designer was thinking when metallic pink was chosen. There's also a metallic pink Decepticon logo on his chest, on a black panel, while his face is unpainted although well sculpted. The weapon on his arm is dominated by the red blade, and looks good aesthetically, even if it is an unusual mixture of fusion cannon and energon sword. I'll come back to that later. The basic colours are actually really good, but Megatron's colours are ruined by the nonsensical pink. I'm generally not a fan of battle damage - something Hasbro has been fond of, lately - but I'll happily accept it when done right. Wrong doesn't begin to describe my feelings here.

   As with many Animated toys, Megatron is quite stylised. His boots are well designed and the arms look nice enough. The feet are awkward since they're longer on the outside - he looks like he's wearing his shoes on the wrong feet. Rather than having the giant jaw of many Animated toys, Megatron sports giant sideburns - and one is draped in pink while the other is black. There's only a hint of buckethead here, incidentally. The chest is but and wide, as well as being unusually angular for this line. There aren't too many awful proportions decisions here - the feet look terrible, but otherwise he escapes the cartoon treatment.

   It's probably no surprise that Megatron doesn't have anything in the way of identifiable alt mode pieces visible here - the alt mode lacks those! The upside is that this is clearly a Megatron - the silver and black, hint of buckethead and his huge weapon ensure the character is clearly identifiable. The weapon is really more of an energon sword than anything else, but it mounts in a fusion cannon sort of way, and the black arch still visible at the back _does_ look like the fusion cannon.

   The poseability here is good. His head and waist turn - the latter will actually spring back left if you twist it right slightly, allowing Megatron to slice an opponent at close range with his weapon. His shoulders are ball joints _and_ lift out to the sides while his elbows are hinged with rotates in the upper arms. His hands are fixed and his feet can swing back, taking the heelspurs with them. The hips are ball jointed, the knees are hinged and have rotators. The spring gimmick is focused, and represents an improvement over the same concept in the movie FABs, while his feet allow a wide range of posing.

   Megatron reminds me a lot of Beast Machines, for the wrong reasons. He's very poseable - which _is_ a plus, as are the relatively "normal" proportions compared to many Animated toys. The weapon is a good idea, even if doesn't really do anything in vehicle mode. Sadly, the pink battle damage overshadows everything else visually. He's a good, playable, action figure, but not really a good Transformers, and certainly not one that displays well, thanks to his nail polish accident.


   None that I'm aware of. He was sold exclusively in a two pack with an Optimus Prime toy. Strangely, while this one is a Cybertron Mode Megatron, that Optimus Prime is Earth Mode.


   A playable robot mode and good base colours mean that this toy had the potential to have some real merit. The space cannon mode ranks behind a lot of third modes, and while there's a decent transformation that gets him there, the journey is better than the vacation. The robot mode's articulation and weapon gimmick are pretty good, in truth, but the pink just ruins that mode, visually. While this figure was never going to be awesome, I can't think of any reason why any toy should have metallic pink battle damage. With such a poorly defined alt mode and hideous paint on his robot mode, I'd recommend against this Megatron - he's packaged with an equally poor Optimus Prime toy. There are many more playable figures out there with much better alt modes and paint jobs, along with other versions of Animated Megatron, including the much better leader version - 2/10

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