Power Core Combiners Sledge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sledge
Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Excavator

Height: 7cm Length: 12cm Width: 5cm

   A mustard yellow excavator with a bunch of tools attached, Sledge has a black digging arm at the back, that ends in a yellow bucket. There are twin silver buckets at the front with a silver circular in between them. Just behind and to the left of this saw is a small cabin with silver windows. There are of course the obligatory blue pegs here, but the colours are simple enough that they don't look too bad. There are purple Decepticon logos stamped on the elbows of the arm at the back. The silver paint is more of a wash than a solid colour in some areas, and it's distinctly not chrome. The overall colour scheme looks nice even if the colours are unlikely.

   This is a rather overblown excavator, what with all the stuff going on - and that's before we factor in the hardpoints on his bucket and cabin allowing Throttler to attach as a drill. There's a robot head kind of visible underneath the right side of the cabin, but you don't really notice this unless you look for it, since there's a lot of detail and so much machinery here.

   Sledge is surprisingly playable for such a small toy, but I guess that makes sense when he has so much machinery decking him out. Underneath his black and silver treads are the obligatory plastic wheels - he slides on smooth surfaces but rolls on carpet. The bucket arm at the back has three hinges, including one on the "wrist". The drill head that is Throttler can plug into this, giving him a poseable drill as well. The circular saw in front spins and can lift up, for a higher saw (or a clear bucket scoop).

   While I'm not sure we'd ever see a vehicle like this in real life, the various mechanical elements along with the nifty alt mode of Throttler make this a fun vehicle mode. His colours work well enough - even with that silly blue they're using on PCC pegs. While few of the Power Core Combiners have what you'd call realistic vehicle modes, this one's at least a fusion of real construction vehicle concepts, making him work well.


   Split the digger arm down the middle, swing the halves out to the sides & clip against the main body. Swing the treads down and back, forming his legs. Fold up the buckets as feet and stand him up. Swing the saw into his back, and through to form the centre of his torso. This will also drag the head out, although you'll have to open the cheek panels manually (reminiscnt of the Mutant Heads from Beast Wars). Swing the differ arm halves up, revealing his fists.

Height: 12cm Width: 10cm

   A yellow and black robot, Sledge has black legs, forearms and shoulders while the head and central strip of his torso are also black. The outsides of his torso, upper ams and the bucket halves on his shoulders re yellow. Sledge has silver feet and a silver face with red eyes. There are blue shoulder pylons, and while the generic blue in this line rightly attracts scorn, they work well in this instance, giving this colour scheme some character without being jarring. It's a good colour scheme despite with a lot of contrast. Those purple Decepticon logos are now visible on his wrists.

   Sledge has both kibble and well integrated vehicle mode aspects here. The feet are the buckets while his shins are the treads. The halves of the bucket arm become his arms, with half of it becoming the actual arms while the lower half - complete with bucket - ends up as arm kibble. The saw blade sticks out of his torso and the cabin protrudes from the right side of his chest. I like the visible elements, even if the awkwardness of some elements reminds me of the less successful Armada toys - he has a better bodyshape than most toys from that series.

   The play value here is very impressive, with Throttler able to attach to the right shoulder or his chest. Sledge has ball joints in his neck, hips, shoulders and elbows - the latter are supported by rotators below his shoulders, as well. Sledge's knees are hinged with rotators while his ankles are also hinged. The second pair of blue pegs form heelspurs, so that means his heelspurs are hinged, making for great overall poseability. Perhaps the least practical but most enjoyable aspect of his play value is that the saw on his chest can spin.

   A nice robot mode with vibrant colours, great play value and lots of vehicle mode elements. The articulation is great for a small toy and while the colours are bright, they're not garish. The only drawback here is that there is quite a bit of kibble on his arms.


   A transparent purple conical drill head that turns into a purple robot with a black head, black thighs & black upper arms. Throttler has a silver face and a surprisingly goods bodyshape for someone who becomes a traffic cone shaped accessory. There's a powerlinx port on his chest while - unusually - his head is actually a hardpoint. His poseability is good with his shoulders, elbows and hips are all ball jointed. His knees are hinged and don't completely straighten, forced Throttler to adopt a relaxed stance.


   None that I'm aware of.


   One of the strongest Power Core Combiner toys, Sledge is creative in both modes, features a good Minicon in Throttler and has good colours. The vehicle mode is playable and the robot mode poseability excellent, and the latter also features a lot of vehicle mode elements, making it visually interesting. There's some kibble in robot mode and the vehicle mode isn't especially realistic (but that's normal for this line). Recommended if you like the idea of this line, as he's one of the few PCC toys who lives up to his potential - 9/10

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