PCC Mudslinger Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mudslinger
Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Monster Truck

Height: 5cm Length: 8cm Width: 7cm

   A lime green monster truck with big black tyres, dark blue painted sides, some silver details like false suspension in the wheelwells & protruding engineblock. His windows are black while the cabin is painted a slightly brighter green than the rest of the toy. Rounding out a rather disjointed colour scheme, Mudslinger has gold Decepticon logos stamped on the sides at the very back & "AllSpark" blue connectors hanging out the back.

   While the sculpt is actually very good here there's a lot of kibble between the tyres underneath. There's a winch at the front, sculpted headlights, exhausts on the sides along with the detailed mentioned earlier. His tyres feature a well defined tread, also.

   Play value is essentially limited to rolling Mudslinger along on his wheels or attaching a Minicon to the hardpoint on the back end. It's underwhelming but then he does come with four drones.

   A rather disappointing vehicle mode. The sculpt is really nice but the colours are quite stilted and there's a tad too much kibble. While we've seen worse in the PCC line, we've also seen quite a bit better.


   Unclip the wheel assembly, split and lift out to the sides. Fold the back of the truck underneath to form his waist & legs; fold over the boots down which will also split the legs. Flip up the brighter green cabin to form his feet; pull up the engineblock to form his head & reveal his face. Rotate the arms into position and you're done.

Height: 10cm Width: 11.5cm


   Mudslinger has green boots & a green torso with silver and navy blue arms, silver thighs, a black groin, dark blue head with silver face & tiny red eyes. The hanging AllSpark blue tabs sit on top of his knees, covering up his thighs. Again the colours are rather disparate. There are no Decepticon logos other than the two gold ones now sitting rather invisibly on the outsides of his knees.

   This robot mode is dominated by two aspects; the long dangling arms and the massive tyres on his wrists and shoulders. The arms are both low & long; they really don't look very good. The tyres on top of his shoulders look nice enough although those _below his knees_ on the wrists only serve to highlight how badly proportioned his arms are. The engineblock on his head looks kinda cool in a turbanesque manner; the front of the truck is his chest which is also a nice touch. The face isn't all that distinct mind you.

   Poseability is poor. The head rotates while his waist is fixed. The shoulders don't swing although there are restricted ball joints below and then rotators below them - which are in turn above his ball jointed elbows. The end result is posable elbows and lots of joints above that don't give Mudslinger any shoulder movement (as they're all for transformation). His hips swing and lift out to the sides. His knees are hinged with mid-thigh rotators; these rotators aren't well moulded & are prone to snap (so I've read; I'm not going to put mine through his paces!). There are useful heelspurs, but the leg movement is quite restricted.

   A very limited robot mode by virtue of the poor colours, laughably bad arms & poor poseability. The chest & head have some nice aspects, but there's far more bad than good here.


   A bronze armoured car with a massive pointed silver cowcatcher at the front, there are hints of dark red here while the tyres are black (on all the drones actually). The cabin is silver with sculpted rivets, black windows a black stamped Decepticon logo. It's the least realistic of his drones but looks interesting enough. There's a hardpoint on the back of the car, behind the cabin.


   A dark red truck with a grey cabin, bronze grille and gold jet engines at the back. I'm not sure how realistic the jet engines are, but they're actually a nifty feature. The windows are black along with a Decepticon logo stamped on the hood. There's a hardpoint on the roof.


   A milky white racing buggy with bronze guns sticking out from under the front & a few more on top. The good is painted burgundy with orange flames & a small Decepticon logo. The sculpt is impressive; it has twin bronze seats inside the detailed rollcage. There's a single bronze hardpoint on top. It's well armed - I count at least 9 gunbarrels of various sorts (also including two gunmetal coloured ones on the sides). This is the best of Mudslinger's drones in my opinion.


   A milky white tow truck with four bronze missiles on the back end just behind a bronze towing arm. The windows are black & there's a tiny black Decepticon logo on the front. There's some red stripes on the front & sides and the fuel tanks on either side are painted yellow (although not the headlights!). As with the buggy, it's well sculpted. The missiles cam flip up to sit in two vertical racks & the towing arm is hinged, giving this drone more play value than the others.

Height: 18cm Width: 22cm

   A lime green, milky white. bronze, blue and silver robot. Which sounds bad but he gets away with the mix fairly well. The colours are a mix but there's a gestalt feel here unlike the small robot mode which can't get away with its colour mix. There's a black stamped Decepticon logo on one knee (the Armored Junker Drone).

   The junker & truck drones form the legs while the buggy & hauler drones form his arms - so the arms are white & legs bronze. All four limbs work fairly well and the two front guns of the buggy for a sort of gun-hand while the hauler drone provides a bronze claw. The head is actually the front bumper of the monster truck & has antennae & a gold face with an evil looking grin. The torso is the front of the truck - with the small robot head tucked away now. The head & torso look pretty good, and the use of the truck aspects helps. There are two tyres very visible as the anchors of his shoulder struts.

   Poseability is very limited. The shoulders swing but there's no useful leg poseability. Between the fragile rotators & the fact that his hips don't really lock together well anyway, the limited jointing in his hips is pretty much wasted. The head can turn but the angle is all wrong for poseability - it's just for transformation.

   While this mode displays better than the small robot mode, the poseability & fragility hurt. If the legs were better designed this would actually be a really good combined mode. The potential is certainly there; with four useful drones & some great truck features visible in the middle.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A mixed bag. The drones are all decent; there are some which look quite nice and all four work effectively as limbs (not the case with every drone) while the visual use of truck elements for both robot modes works very well. The scull. The sculpt here on both the central toy & drones is great also. The central robot has awful arms & the vehicle mode looks somewhat awkward also. The combined mode looks nice, but it's best left as a display piece. That this is on the better end of the spectrum for the PCC line is not a good thing - 6/10

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