Power Core Combiner Leadfoot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Leadfoot
Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Racing Car

Height: 4cm Length: 12.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   An orange racing car with white and black aspects, Leadfoot resembles the F-1 style of racing car, but has an enclosed cockpit. The main body of this car is orange while the fenders, cockpit and spoiler are white. His tyres are black along with the window on his cockpit. There's a black advertising stripe across the spoiler with "BLACKROCK" in white lettering (a G1 reference, some red on the front fenders, silver exhausts behind the rear tyres and a silver Autobot logo stamped in front of the cockpit. Oh, and the PCC-obligatory blue blocks hanging out the back. It's a pretty good good scheme, and more coherent than earlier PCC toys. It doesn't really tribute his G2 namesake, despite the similar vehicle modes.

   I don't think this car is based on any real racer - it looks more like an amalgam of concepts, but still works despite this lack of realism. There are some nice details here such as curved front fenders and triple exhausts on either side. There are also sculpted (unpainted) rear vision mirrors on either side, which strikes me as a little odd on a vehicle such as this.

   The play value is pretty much what we'd expect. The tyres roll, although he doesn't roll that well. Pinpoint can attach onto a black post that flips out of the nosecone, forming a silver engineblock with twin transparent yellow guns. Okay, so racing cars such as this usually have their engines behind the cockpit, not in front blocking the view, but it's a nice add-on all the same.

   Leadfoot has a nice vehicle mode despite being a mish-mash of car elements, thanks to some nice features and good colours. Along the way, Pinpoint combines quite well, genuinely adding something rather than just an awkward gun. The blue outbursts that blight the line are present, but they're tucked away in the back, so there are no dealbreakers here.


   Unclip the rear tyres, pull out to the sides. Pull back and split the spoiler, forming his boots and legs. Fold down the blue blocks on his feet as heelspurs. Fold in the front tyres, fold the front section underneath to reveal the head. Pivot the sides up as arms, swing out the exhausts as hands.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   An orange robot with the black window on his chest, Leadfoot has a black head with silver face & transparent yellow eyes (and a rather useful lightpipe). His hands are silver while his feet, arms and thighs are white. His knees, wrists and elbows are black, rounding off a well laid out colour scheme The red has disappeared, along with his Autobot symbol.

   His hands are oversized, since they're the exhausts, but they still manage to look decent. The spoiler as his feet is nothing new, but it looks good nonetheless. I like how the sides of the car become shoulderpads here & the cockpit as his chest also works well.

   There are two action features here, both of which involve Pinpoint. There's a hatch on his chest which conceals another black post - this time Pinpoint plugs in as a chestplate (with the guns folded up). It's a bit forced, as is the case with the PCC chestplates. The gun mode works well enough, with Pinpoint stretched out and plugged into the inside of Leadfoot's forearm. It's a big gun, in an Action Master sort of way, but is stable enough & he's able to hold it without balance issues.

   Leadfoot's poseability is decent but with some flaws. The head turns while the waist is fixed. His shoulders are ball jointed while the elbows bend and have rotators above them, although using these is difficult due to the layout of his shoulder joints. The hips swing and lift out to the side while his knees are hinged. There are rotators in his thighs, but they don't really help poseability here thanks to their odd angle. The feet and heelspurs have some wiggle room to assist his posing, but the leg poseability ends up a little limited by those odd rotators in his thighs (which are for the combined mode).

   A good robot mode despite some limitations in his poseability. The colours & lightpipe are excellent and the layout of features such as the shoulderpads works well. Pinpoint is a bit of a write-off as a chestplate but compliments Leadfoot in gun mode, making this a fun robot mode that displays well.


   A transparent yellow robot with black thighs & arms and a gold painted face (which is very hard to discern). His bodyshape reminds me of that seen on Nebulans in the Marvel G1 comics, which is kinda fitting, given that he's a sidekick. The arms are wide and puffed out while the torso is rounded. The facial sculpt is pretty good, if difficult to see. The twin cannons on his back can flip out over his shoulders, giving Pinpoint ranged weapons. His poseability is pretty good with ball jointed shoulders and hips along with hinged knees. There are hardpoints on his knees and a socket on his chest.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A pretty good toy, and probably the strongest PCC toy to date. The colours work, the play value is good and Pinpoint's add-on configurations contribute well. Pinpoint himself is also good, despite a questionable choice of colour. Both modes look nice and while the robot mode's poseability isn't fantastic, Leadfoot lacks the killer flaws that seem to plague this line - 8.5/10

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