Power Core Combiner Icepick Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Icepick
Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Snowplow

Height: 4.5cm Length: 11cm Width: 6cm

   A very light blue (almost white) snowplow with a silver painted blade, gold windows & dark turquoise on parts like the tyres, treads and such. There are small black stamped Decepticon logos on either side rounding out a very arctic colour scheme. It's understated but works quite well. I would have preferred a cooler colour than gold on the windows, but it doesn't clash or anything. The obligatory "allspark" blue connecting pieces are visible on the back, but this colour doesn't really stand out as it's a very cool colour & suits this toy.

   The back half of this vehicle is all greeble, with treads below, rakes at the back and generic hydraulics on top. The plow at the front is a big silver thing with it's own bull bar on top. The half track nature of this vehicle makes Icepick look even better suited to icy conditions. There's not a whole lot of play value, but enough for a PCC toy. The front tyres roll while there are small wheels hidden under the treads allowing him to roll freely. There's a hardpoint on top where Chainclaw can be attached as a roof-mounted weapon. Chainclaw's missile racks work well there and being based on transparent blue, he fits into the theme nicely.

   A fairly simple yet well executed snowplow, Icepick's vehicle mode is attractive & well thought out with decent play value. My only (minor) gripe is the choice of gold for his windows.


   Detach & set aside Chainclaw, if attached. Unclip the treads, swing the bottom half down & forward, clipping his groin into the front of the low. Fold down the bullbar to form his groinplate, split the treads & rotate to form his lower legs, flip down the feet. Split the top of the rear, swing to the sides to form shoulderpads, revealing the head. Swing the rakes down to form his arms. Chainclaw can attach to the hardpoint on his right shoulder (in fact he can stay attached the entire time if you like), sort of like the parrot on a pirate's shoulder.

Height: 12.5cm Width: 13cm

   A white robot with silver on his groin and thighs, Icepick has turquoise on his hands, feet & head. His face is painted metallic blue which at a glance is quite similar to the plastic of his head. He has red eyes and the gold windows are now on his chest. The Decepticon logos are on his shoulders while the "allspark" blue bits now sit on the very wide edges of his shoulderpads. While the colour mix here is about the same as his vehicle mode, it feels darker thanks largely to Icepick's dark head. It's still a good colour scheme, and again one with cold tones.

   The very wide shoulderpads dominate here visually, but there are other vehicle mode aspects that carry over as features here. The plow forms something of an armour skirt while the cabin is his chest, in a very G1 way. The rakes form his hands, and they're quite prominent thanks to his long forearms. Chainclaw is also a notable feature on his shoulder, if attached.

   The play value here is about what we'd expect. The shoulders, hips and knees are hinged with rotators while the shoulders also feature ball joints. His elbows hinge outwards while the wrists are ball jointed. His head rotates while the ankles and waist are fixed. Icepick cannot grasp a weapon since his hands are rakes, but Chainclaw can attach to the right shoulder (as mentioned) or form a chestplate (as with all PCCs, this option isn't worth worrying about). You can also fold down his chest & rotate his head on, swapping it for a larger transparent blue head (designed to work with added extra limbs). It's a little big, but the large forearms and shoulderpads mean he can get away with it. It has an ice-king motif.

   An attractive robot mode with some nice visual features such as the shoulders and armour skirt, Icepick has good arctic colours and Chainclaw works well as a weapon. The poseability is fairly standard for a Power Core Combiner (ie nothing special) but he displays well despite somewhat goofy long forearms.


   A transparent blue robot with silver painted arms, black paint on his shins and dark turquoise plastic thighs. Chainclaw has a red painted face and some silver on his chest flanking his powerlinx port. The colours work well enough in that they fit the arctic theme; I wouldn't say his colours are that good on their own rather they compliment Icepick. The hands are claws and his arms very "robotic". His weapon mode basically sees his legs folded up on his back, forming a box with missile tips. Poseability is actually quite good thanks to ball jointed shoulders & hips and hinged knees.


   None that I'm aware of.


   One of the better PCC toys, Icepick has two attractive modes, a Minicon that adds to him in both modes and a well put together colour scheme. Heck, even the Allpsark blue fits in there. The poseability is probably his weak point, but then PCC toys aren't generally that poseable anyway. The forearms are somewhat awkward, but they're by no means a dealbreaker. Recommended if you like this line (or are a fan of Energon as his styling is similar) - 7.5/10

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