PCC Heavytread Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Heavytread
Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 4cm Length: 11cm Width: 6.5cm

   A khaki tank with army green camouflage, Heavytread has black painted treads and some yellow lights on the turret and front. There's a small silver Autobot logo stamped just in front and to the left of the turret while the ubiquitous blue blocks are visible on the back. The actual plastic is a mix of khaki and army green; the most visible army green here is the main cannon - it's notable that they've matched the army green plastic and paint perfectly. The colour scheme works well overall; the blue doesn't belong (which is the case on most PCC toys mind you).

   The sculpt is quite detailed here; with armour, hatches, hydraulics, tread detailing and even some vents on the back. It really makes for a nice tank; I'm not sure if he's based on an actual tank or not but the sculpt sure looks accurate.

   The play value is mostly by the numbers. There are four small ridged black wheels under the treads and the turret rotates through 360. There's a hardpoint which flips out on the front, allowing Groundspike (or another MiniCon) to attach; Groundspike forms a sort of snowplow or grappling claw. The transparent blue and silver doesn't quite match but at least Groundspike adds some personality (and play value of course).

   A good vehicle mode as PCC toys go; Heavytread has good colours, a good sculpt and as much play value as we could really expect. The addition of Groundspike isn't really a plus, but a tank doesn't really need another ranged weapon.


   Swing down the blue blocks at the back, pivot the rear sides back to form his legs. Swing out the just visible blue blocks under the turret, pull out & extend the front treads to form his arms. Pivot the legs down & clip in the groin, fold up the skidplate. Lift out the head, rotate the forearms to reveal his hands & you're done.

Height: 14.5cm Width: 8cm

   An army green, khaki & black robot, Heavytread is darker now with a lot less camouflage. His boots and the insides of his forearms are the black treads while his hands are also black - they're the insides of the tread mechanisms and sculpted to look like they're part of those mechanisms. The khaki is limited to his feet, outer forearms, shoulders & waist now while his thighs, chest and head are army green. He has a simple face with a silver mouthplate & forehead. Heavytread has a black eyestrip. There are some yellow outbursts on his shoulders, which also feature some camouflage (along with his chest). The colours are still white drab & military, but the colours are less uniform now.

   As befits a guy who turns into a robot this is a stocky robot mode. He has "lizard" hips - the thighs attach to the outside of the torso, and his forearms are quite chunky. The head actually reminds me of G1 Brawl, which I suppose fits the whole tank thing too. The treads on his boots are very obvious, along with the turret behind his head. You can rotate the turret 90 if you like, folding out a shoulder cannon & shifting the turret to the other side - which makes the turret less obtrusive & gives him a ranged weapon. It's meant for his "core" mode but works well here.

   Groundspike can attach to the hardpoint tucked under his protruding chest (the same one I mentioned in tank mode), forming a sort of chestplate, although he's quite wide compared to the narrowish chest. He can also fit into Heavytread's hand but again is too wide; however he can also plug into the hole on the outside of Heavytread's right forearm and works quite well there as a sort of shield-come-grappling weapon.

   Heavytread's poseability is mixed. His neck is ball jointed while the hips & shoulders are hinged with rotators. The elbows are double hinged with fairly useless rotators below the second hinges (they're for the transformation). His waist rotates while his knees are hinged with rotators. The knees are hinged awkwardly - a bent knee looks like his lower leg is detaching - and without heelspurs he's not stable enough in dynamic poses anyway. The arms provide enough poseability to give Heavytread some range of posing, but the legs aren't much use.

   A nice looking robot that's not especially poseable & with a sidekick that doesn't enhance this mode that much. The colours work and the visual aspects of his tank mode enhance this toy. It's probably his weaker mode, but still a good robot mode for the PCC line.


   A transparent blue robot with grey thighs, Groundspike has very little paint - only on the back of the arms, which double as the front of his wings in his alt mode. The unpainted transparent head is a let down. The alt mode itself is more of a flying wing with claws than anything realistic; Groundspike isn't much more than an accessory to Heavytread. He makes for a decent accessory but a poor MiniCon on his own.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Heavytread is a solid scout sized Transformer; his tank mode looks good with about as much play value as we could ask at this levee, the transformation is sufficiently involved and the colour scheme is good - the blue blocks found on every PCC toy are quite well handled on this green toy. His robot mode looks good with decent play value. Groundspike is an accessory rather than a good MiniCon on his own, but Heavytread is worthwhile anyway - 8/10

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