Power Core Combiners Bombshock Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bombshock
Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Military Truck

Thanks to fatbot for loaning me Bombshock for this review

Height: 4cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 6cm

   A dark green truck with large grey cannons on top, a grey cabin on the front left side (in crane-truck style), grey at the back and two incongruous mid blue blocks hanging out the back. The windows on the cabin are painted black while there's some yellow detailing here and there along with a lot of black on top. There is no Decepticon logo visible here. The colour scheme works for the most part, but the blue - common to this line - is very much out of place here.

   The detailing here is somewhat generic, and while this line lacks the inattention Armada, it reminds me of Energon in it's quasi-realistic feel (but without the transparent plastic). There is a lot of detail here, but most of it is fairly generic. There is a black hatch between the cannons and some grip on the front right side, amongst the less defined details. The blue blocks on the back don't really do anything expect hang out - and in blue this is very apparent.

   There's some play value here, the cannons lift up to aim as one and they're on a turret which can rotate through 360 (although not all that smoothly). There are six ridged black plastic wheels - four at the front and two at the back, in a reversal of the usual pattern. All roll fairly well.

   A somewhat underwhelming truck with generic detailing that's overshadowed by the bright blue at the back... maybe outshone is a better word, but that would imply a positive contribution. Aside from the blue, the colour scheme is quite nice, even if the detailing is a little generic. The play value is better than what you'd expect from a toy which is essentially a scout.


   Fold side panels forward, covering the front wheels. Lift out the groinplate underneath, fold up the cannons. Rotate the front around 180 to form the legs, split the legs and fold down his feet. Fold the groinplate and cannons back down. Split the rear grey section above his head, swing down to form his arms and you're done.

Height: 10cm Width: 6cm

   A grey and green robot, Bombshock has grey on his torso, feet and forearms. The upper arms and boots are green while the thighs (which are largely obscured by his groinplate) and head are black. Bombshock as a gold face with narrow red eyes, a black Decepticon logo on his chest and numerous yellow painted details. Thankfully, the blue blocks are now on the back of his forearms - more out of the way and have a minimal visual impact here.

   The turret is basically a huge backpack, and causes stability issues - he tends to rock back and rest on the tips of the cannons. He lacks a hand weapon but you can place one of the drones (or a Minicon) into his hand as a weapon. The groinplate is huge and looks odd, but otherwise he displays nicely.

   Poseability is decent but hampered by the stability issue. His head turns while the shoulders and elbows are ball jointed. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged with rotators in the thighs. The ankles fold forward and while this is part of the transformation, it helps with some poses, as it shifts the centre of gravity forward.

   A nice robot mode, and since the blue takes a back seat, one that looks good. It's not perfect - the groin is odd and there are stability issues - but it's better than the vehicle mode.


   A tan jeep with a metallic brown windscreen, charcoal side panels, a black front and twin black missiles loaded on the roof. It has black tyres which are larger than those on Bombshock, although this drone is about half the size. The missile rack rotates through 360, but the missiles themselves are fixed. There's a hardpoint on top of this missile rack. There's a small silver Decepticon logo stamped on the right front fender. The detailing here is more convincing than on Bombshock - it's a nice little vehicle.


   A very dull green half track with two grey tyres at the front and grey treads at the back. There's a grey cannon on top, silver exhausts right at the front corners and small black windows. The sculpt is essentially armour, with rivets and narrow slits and the like, along with the false treads. There's a stamped black Decepticon logo on the front, between the exhausts. This drone actually has 3 wheels - the two visible ones at the front and a third, hidden grey wheel between the treads. It rolls awkwardly - the main play value here is on the cannon, which ratchets through 6 positions in a 360 turn and has a hardpoint on top.


   A mint green tank with a grey cowcatcher at the front and a large black missilerack instead of a turret. There are two large silver missiles moulded onto the front of this. On the left side of the missilerack is a silver stamped Decepticon logo. The play value is limited to rolling wheels under the black treads, although it rolls about as well as the APC drone, which isn't anything to brag about. As with the others, there's a hardpoint on top, although it's at a slight angle since the missilerack slopes backwards. This is probably the weakest of Bombshock's drones - it tends to flop when picked up.


   A complex looking silver tank with black stripes on either side, a black twin cannon on the turret, which is unusually forward, and some yellow at the base of the turret. There's a small black Decepticon logo on the front at the right side. As with the APC drone, there are three wheels - black hidden affairs underneath, although in this case it's one at the front and two at the back. This is probably the best of the lot, although aside from the weak Missile Carrier, it's a close thing.

Height: 22cm Width: 17cm

   The torso is the green & grey Bombshock, with the turret folded over his head and a new, larger black head with silver face & red eyes. The mid blue blocks become attachment points to attach the drones as limbs - although this doesn't even come close to justifying the use of this blue on a military set. The Armored Car becomes the left leg, the APC is the right leg, the Missile Launcher is the right arm and the Tank the left arm.

   Conceptually this is a nice idea, but it's hardly a new one. The colours mesh well since they're all dull & military anyway. It's very lanky since the arm drones extend to form long arms from short vehicles. Bombshock's twin cannons sit behind the head, reminding of Bruticus (as with most aspects here, really).

   Poseability is good for a combined mode. The head & waist turn while the shoulders swing and lift out to the sides. The elbows are basically fixed but the open hands can flop around a little. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged with rotators. The feet don't actually since flat, and this limits the effective range of posing. Considering that nothing is added, this is a very poseable robot with nice hands and decent feet,

   While it's spindly and cheaty - and doesn't justify the use of blue - this is a nice combined mode with a good theme and great articulation.


   None that I'm aware of. The drone can be attached to other Power Core Combiners such as Searchlight, if you wish.


   A nice set, but as a scout with four add-ons it's a little underwhelming for the price of a voyager. Don't get me wrong; the combined robot mode is good and Bombshock is decent enough, but the drones in themselves aren't much more than add-ons for this mode. If you can find this set at a competitive price & like combiners, it's a decent effort - even if the guy who decided on a bright blue for the combining pegs needs a slap - 7.5/10

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