Paradron Medic Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Paradron Medic
Series: Superlink (Energon)
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Motorbike

Technically this is a limited release of Ariel, labelled as "Paradron Type", but it's obviously meant to resemble the green Arcee clone "Paradron Medic" from Fight Or Flee (G1 Cartoon), and I'm treating it as a Paradron Medic toy.

Height: 6cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 3.5cm (wider with the Energon bits attached)

   A white motorbike with some black mechanical bits around the black plastic wheels, transparent green windshield and black and green along the top and on the fueltank. PM's colour scheme is broadly speaking a green for pink swap compared to Arcee, although the paint mask isn't exactly the same. There are two green paints used here, with the spearmint one being more common that a grass green. At any rate, this is a nice colour scheme and I prefer it to the pinks in a way, since it's not so stereotypically girlie. There's nothing wrong with pink, but a green bike just makes a little more sense.

   The transparent green is a standard green that's darker than the green paints, closer to the spearmint that the grass green. The greens all work together. The saddle is partly black with grass green at the back (Arcee's was black at the back), in front of the saddle is a spearmint block out of which sticks her spark crystal. You can add the Energon chip here, although it looks out of place on a fairly well shaped streetbike. Just behind this there's an upside down Autobot logo, which is really for the bot mode but visible here. There are a couple of dials (speedo and tacho, I guess) and handlebars just behind the windshield, which represent enough fine detailing to keep me happy at the basic pricepoint.

   The front does not twist, so can't steer as such, but she does roll, with the front wheel rolling better than the rear wheel. The front is mainly black except for the yellow headlight and some silver accents just under the handlebars.

   On the left hand side is a long powerlinx hardpoint, that can act as a kickstand, allowing her to lean to the side in "park". By partially swinging down her robot feet you can stand the bike upright, and the same effect can be achieved by adding the Energon bits for her Attack Mode. Not only does this allow her to stand upright, it gives her a giant black missile she can shoot, on the right hand side, and giant transparent green exhausts on either side. While it doesn't really fit in with the whole realistic bike thing, it looks pretty cool and works well for an attack bike mode, and the colour of the Energon pieces work with her colour scheme - which is not the case for a lot of Energon toys.

   Overall this is very similar to Arcee, and while there are some minor paint mask changes the green for pink is the most obvious change. The green works better on the bike for me, and I suppose since we never saw Paradron Medic's alt mode I'm happy with this alt mode. The weaponry works well, complimenting the bike (not always the case in Energon/Superlink).


   Lift out the sides of the bike and swing them over (back to front), straighten them to form her legs, which will more or less stick up in the air. Split the entire back half of the bike, swing the halves out to the sides, revealing the robot head. Swing this head up, push the front wheel to stow it on her back. Rotate the windshield down, so that you can push the legs down. Bring her arms down to her side, stow the rear wheels halves down onto her back, rotate the fists around and give her the crossbow if you like.

Height: 10cm Width: 5.5cm

   A mixture of white and green, with black less prominent than on the bike mode (or Arcee's robot mode). PM's head, forearm covers and ankles are grass green, her thighs, chestplate and elbows are spearmint while her shoulders and knee connections are the only black parts. While Arcee's chest was a mix of musk, deep crimson and black, PM's is simply spearmint. Her face is silver with blue eyes. The spark crystal encased in a white circle on her chest, above this is a stamped Autobot logo. This colour scheme is both attractive and different in feel to that of Arcee, although the spearmint chest and grass green head look a little weird next to one another.

   It's a fairly good robot mode, despite the large patches of green. The colour scheme is very close to the HOC Paradron Medic (which is taken directly from the cartoon version) - closer than Arcee to her G1 cartoon self. Other than the black shoulders and lack of backpack fenders, this is remarkably accurate considering the mould isn't a direct adaptation of G1 Arcee.

   I get the impression that the designer was trying to make a decent bike mode while still passable as G1 Arcee. This has for the most part succeeded, and the paint mask changes help PM a lot. The thighs are curvy and feminine, the feet are stiletto boots (which would be horribly impractical, but G1 Arcee had dainty impractical feet too) and the wheel halves sitting on posts behind her shoulders fit with the fenders sitting behind the G1 version's shoulders, although the colour and placement is wrong.

   By the way, adding the Energon chip will add even more green but it sticks out like a pot belly or something, so I'd recommend leaving it off. Her groin is actually the bike's console, with the speedo and tacho, which is a nice touch.

   The crossbow is too big for her to wield properly, it clips onto the inside of her forearm and she has to point it to the side, which can still work but it's huge in proportion. I don't really mind, since it's a pretty cool crossbow, perfect for a larger Energon toy (and that's half the point of the basic sized toys, to sell Energon weapons for larger toys), and the small white bike exhausts are now blasters protruding from underneath her forearms.

   Paradron Medic's reasonably well articulated, her head turns, her shoulders and wrists are ball jointed, although her elbows are hinged in such a way that they only hinge _in_. While this doesn't ruin the arm poseability, it does limit her posing since she can't lift her elbows. The hips are ball jointed, the knees are double hinges and ankles swing a little. Aside from the limited elbows, I'm quite happy with this articulation.

   A pretty good robot mode for a Transformers motorbike, even better when you remember this is a basic. The semblance to the HOC is uncanny, the paint changes really work here. The articulation is mostly good, although the elbows suck. The weaponry is cool, so there's enough play value for a basic sized toy.


   None that I'm aware of, but they'd be _rare_. As a magazine exclusive, this is not an easy toy to find.


   A great bike mode and a good robot mode make this a fun toy, and the bike mode is better without the pink in my opinion. The paint mask does have some minor changes, the net effect is a loss of black and more green than Arcee had pink, meaning the robot mode _really_ looks like Paradron Medic. This is really one for the completists or fans of the rather obscure G1 reference (I'm the latter, I'll admit), but if you can _find_ one for a decent price (and I must thank Doug Dlin for donating mine!) I'd recommend this toy - 9/10

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