Packrat Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Packrat
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Thief
Alternate Mode: Rat

Height: 5cm Length: 16.5cm Width: 5cm

   A plump blue rat with a very slight metallic sheen, bronze painted feet and a light grey tail. Packrat has yellow eyes with irises, pointy white teeth protruding from the sides of his mouth. I'm not sure you'd ever find a royal blue rat, but he looks pretty cool nonetheless. The metallic sheen is slight, and you don't notice the metal flakes thanks to the fur sculpting all over this toy.

   The tail is a solid grey plastic and has wrinkles as real rats' tails do. It's an s-shape, the only joint is at it's base so it's stuck in this s-shape. There's both attention to detail and some shortcomings in this mode. The lower jaw is basically a hole in his head. You don't see it from above, but they could have potentially put a lower jaw on the joint which his head is attached to. The teeth are a nice touch, even if they're way too sharp for a scavenger's teeth - they're predator teeth. I guess this makes him look more ferocious.

   I do like the moulding detail a lot. The moulded fur looks good, he has whisker holes on his snout and the feet have moulded digits. OK, so they skimped on a lower jaw - probably for cost reasons, but the moulding more than makes up for it for me - it's very good for a basic sized toy.

   Probably the only real gripe I have with this mode is the seams along the side and various holes on his back and legs. All these are for transformation joints, and the holes could probably been avoided without this costing much more to manufacture. Despite this, it's a good mould, and Rattrap was one of the best of the early Beast Wars basics, so it's a good toy to use for a BotCon exclusive.


   Pull the tail up and he pretty much auto-transforms, which is part of the gimmick in the first wave of BW basics. The head folds down to form the robot chest, the sides (complete with rat feet) fold out to the sides. The robot legs swing down into place automatically, too. All that's left is to unclip the arms, remove his gun halves from the side panels, assemble the gun and place it in either hand.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 8.5cm

   Packrat is blue, light grey and bronze - the chest, head, forearms and toes are blue, the thighs, groin and shoulders grey, his hands, shins and exposed brain are bronze. His eyes are red, and his side panels, now on his back, are blue. His gun is light grey and the rat feet sticking out the sides are bronze. He has a very mechanical looking lower jaw, which is blue like the rest of his head. While this works well on Rattrap, the darker blue means it's somewhat lost on this toy.

   No, you didn't read that wrong - Packrat has an exposed brain - or at least a brain-like section on top of his head. It's a little strange, although I can deal with it, I know some find it a bad feature. Had it been pink I'd have hated it, but silver on a grey head is suitably mechanical for me. For me, the gears and mesh-like "brain" help enhance the mechanical look of this robot mode (there's also the jaw I mentioned previously), and there's a great contrast with the fur detail of his rat mode which makes that a very organic mode. The only organic part of this mode is the rat's head on his chest (and the stuff on his back).

   The backpack, which is about 80% of the rat mode, is quite big and does cause Packrat some stability problems, not helped by small feet and no heelspurs. This backpack is a pretty big piece of kibble, but it looks decent at least.

   Packrat is quite poseable, his knees, hips, neck, elbows and shoulders are all ball joints. Most of this is useful, although his head is limited by the shoulder blades around it formed from the rat head. There's also some restriction on posing his legs since he's not completely stable, but the backpack does allow for a third leg of sorts in some poses. All things considered, it's very good poseability for a basic.

   As you can probably tell, I really like the aesthetic in this mode. The colours work quite well, he's got a more complex colour scheme than Rattrap, incidentally. The mechanical bits are cool, and it's also worth mentioning he's got a pretty cool gun. While the backpack causes some issues the poseability is good overall.


   None, he was produced in a single run of 600. There was a Transmetal version, although it had to be packaged as Rattap for legal reasons.


   The colours work well in both modes, and while the rat mode's not realistic, it's a great colour scheme for a Convention exclusive. The attention to detail and aesthetics are great. Although the Transform is very simple, BotCon exclusives aren't intended to be played with anyway. Whether or not you grab Packrat and Fractyl comes down to how much you're willing to pay for this limited set. Packrat _is_ a great toy though, if you can swallow the price, he's a toy I recommend - 8/10

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