Ox Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ox
Series: Car Robots (Robots in Disguise)
Allegiance: Cybertron
Alternate Mode: Pickup Truck

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A white pickup truck, with black splotches all over it, Ox looks like the results of a Truck and a Cow getting too friendly. He's got silver headlights & front bumper, silver windows and a red Ox head picture on his hood. For the record, I also have Spychanger Ironhide, he's got shiny blue windows, a red tray and a G1 Autobot logo on his roof.

   It's a fairly good truck mode for it's size, although the colour scheme is a little unorthodox - there's something odd about a Transformer that looks like a Gateway computer. He can actually stow his gun in his tray, although I wouldn't recommend it in Ironhide, since the tray's paint could scratch.

   This mould has been used before, since it's a G2 mould, first used for Motormouth and later for Gobot Ironhide. He has a G1 Autobot symbol visible on the right hand door, when rubbed. It's a dirt red colour, the surrounding black paint turns very dark grey when rubbed. Ironhide does not have this rubsign, it's been replaced with the symbol on his roof.


   Pretty simple. Pull down the rear to form the legs, fold down the hood to form the chest, pull out the arms.

Height: 7cm Width: 4cm

   Somewhat less Cowey, he's got white arms, black lower legs, yellow thighs, groin and head and a cowey chest with that Ox Head on it. His eyes are red, on a yellow face which has good detail for it's size.

   The chest, which is the front of the truck, sticks out quite noticeably, and can get in the way of him standing up (this was more of a problem with Motormouth, however). For some reason, the hinge part on top of his chest is a pearl white whereas the rest of his white is flat, which looks somewhat strange, although it's pretty subtle, thankfully. This piece has always been a different colour, stretching right back to Motormouth.

   Overall, it's a pretty average Spychanger. The mould has problems in this mode, however. The colour scheme works as a robot, despite the use of both yellow and white.


   As mentioned, he's slightly repainted in the Spychanger Ironhide. He also shares his mould with the earlier Gobots Motormouth & Ironhide. In both Japan and the Anglophone markets clear plastic variations have been released - the Japanese one being limited in number.


   Definitely one of the more interesting paint jobs amongst the Spychangers line. He's not awful, but he's rather weird. The robot mode colours work fairly well, and escapes being a mess of black spots. The mould, with it's huge protruding chest, isn't the best of the line, but the head has good detail and there are worse toys in the line. I'd give him 6/10, but I'd drop that to 5/10 for Ironhide, mainly because the Mirage toy is based on a weak mould, and the two come together

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