Override Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Override
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Scout
Alternate Mode: Motorbike

   Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Override for this review (I have since acquired Override).

Height: 4.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 6cm

   A blue motorbike with a black saddle, black tyres and red outriggers, Override relies pretty heavily on stickers for his finer details, from pinstripes to his headlight to an Autobot logo on his saddle. The one I have on front of me has only the last sticker, and looks somewhat bare as a result. There's some chrome on top of the outriggers and while the extensive use of stickers might be cheap, the chrome is a nice addition to a good set of colours.

   As with all Triggerbots, Override's play value revolves around spring-loaded gunpods. In his case these are the silver stripes on his outriggers, which are activated by pressing blue buttons on the outside of the outriggers. The silver guns flip forward, and look pretty good deployed. He rolls quite well on his wheels and will happily stand upright - even with one gun out and the other stowed.

   For such a simple toy, I'm actually quite impressed by Override's bike mode. The weapons work quite well - which is the whole point of the toy - but the stability is good and the colours work quite well. The detail level is low, but he's quite clearly a motorbike, and at his pricepoint the engineering here is enough to make this a good vehicle mode.\


   Flip back the seatback to reveal the robot head, extend the front to form the legs, flip up the headlight to form his feet, swing back the front wheel as a heelspur.

   The transformation is both simple and clever. It does a good job of turning a motorbike into a robot without detaching the wheels, Sure, it's a fairly limited robot, but has no real kibble.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6cm

   Override is again blue, red and black, with the black saddle forming his chest, the red outriggers are his arms, while his head and thighs are also red. The boots are blue while his face is painted a greyish blue. The saddle's Autobot symbol is not central on his chest while the silver guns are now stowed on his arms, giving this mode some bling. I'm not quite as keen on the colours now, mainly because of the shade used on his face - but they still work.

   Override's thighs are separate, although his boots are a single piece. The legs are better defined than Groove's, another small bike Transformer who also has integrated tyres. The outriggers don't really do anything to become arms, although there are fists which manage to hide fairly well in bike mode.

   The trigger gimmick works here, of course, although he looks slightly odd with only one gun deployed - I'd recommend deploy both or neither. The arms can swing, although the "shoulder" joints are lower than they should be, so lifting them above about 90 looks odd.

   Again this is a simple and rather limited robot mode, but considering that it comes from a motorbike through such a simple transformation and integrates a trigger mechanism, I'm happy enough with Override's robot mode. It's not quite as impressive thanks to the single lower leg piece, which does count as a flaw, but manages to work against the odds.


   None that I'm aware of.


   The designers took quite a risk here - creating such a small, simple Transformer motorbike is asking for trouble in many ways. The bike mode comes off quite well - I'm impressed with how well it rolls and how stable it is on its wheels. The robot mode isn't quite as strong but is better than it's entitled to be. The trigger gimmick works well enough, and the chrome on the guns is a nice touch, considering how rare chrome was at this stage in G1 - 6.5/10

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