Overload Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Overload
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Troop Transport
Alternate Mode: Car Carrier Semi Trailer

Height: 4.5cm Length: 14cm Width: 4.5cm (cab is 3x5x3)

   A navy blue cab hauling a grey car transport trailer with a single red floor, Overload has white windows and grey smokestacks. The cab has four black ridged tyres while the trailer has six tyres of the same kind, albeit on wider axles (well, if this toy had axles). The cab has a black grille and bumper, the rear door of the trailer is grey. This is a good colour scheme, especially since they managed to make him look sufficiently different to Ultra Magnus without resorting to garish colours. The colours are reminiscent of Magnus' Diaclone colours, which is a good thing in my opinion.

   There's play value here, which is unusual for a Micromaster vehicle mode. The hitch is stiff, but you can bend the vehicle slightly to turn a corner, with a little positioning. The gate at the back folds down and you can pop two smaller Micromaster vehicles inside - I've placed Stakeout and Skystalker in there. Granted, the latter probably wouldn't want to be trapped inside there, but it's nice that you can fit him in. The trailer is wider than most Micromasters, so the passengers will slide around a little, but the cage is formed in such a way that noone's falling out.

   The vehicle towards the front can be taller, since the roof is open there, although to get larger Micromasters in there you might have to cheat and open the trailer right up. Doing this will also allow you to stick Overload himself inside in robot mode (he can even fasten to the floor), which is great for storage... although it looks kinda like the poor guy's in a coffin!

   Easily the most integrated Micromaster - trailer combination of the set of four, and he's part of a set that feels less forced than some Micromasters than came with bases (why does a fire station come with a bomber?). This is a fun vehicle mode, too, since it can interact with other Micromasters. The first Micromaster with accessory I bought, still one of my favourites thanks to the logical combination.


   Remove Stakeout and Skystalker, and set the latter free (well, set aside). Remove the trailer, fold the hitch down to form his legs and flip his feet up. Flip out the head from the top of the cabin and position the arms. You'll notice this transformation scheme is clearly borrowed from the Optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus cab scheme.

   Fold the front of the trailer down, fold the two halves down to the sides to form the wings. Fold the front half of the trailer's platform over to form the front of the cockpit and flip up the red nose from underneath the jet. You're really meant to sit Overload in the cockpit before forming the front of the cockpit, but it's not hard to sit him in there once it's formed.

Height: 5cm Width: 3cm

   Navy blue dominates, since his torso (the cab front), head and feet are all navy blue. The legs are red and the arms - formed from the smokestacks - are grey. Overload has a light blue face complete with eyes and a mouth, although these are hard to see since his face is nestled near the hinge that is his neck. Again this is a decent colour scheme, and while not quite as nice as that of the truck, the fact that it manages to not emanate Prime or Magnus is an even greater plus to Overload's robot mode.

   I'm impressed by the arms, since the hands are moulded underneath the fuel tanks at the bottom of the stacks. The tops don't stick out all that far, so rather than being huge spines on his shoulders, they're fairly small stacks that add character rather than kibble. I'm not so impressed by Overload's total lack of a waist, but he does have a red groin tucked away underneath the truck cab that is his torso. To be fair, I don't see how they could have put a waist onto this toy - years later Smallest Optimus Prime wasn't able to incorporate a waist into the same basic transformation at this scale.

   There's some articulation here - the shoulders rotate and hips bend as one. The legs are actually a single piece, which is needed for the hitch to work (and double as the attachment point when seated inside the jet). He can sit on the ground, although the hitch means he'll lean back a little.

   It's a decent robot mode, and while it might be a tad boring, the fact is it works really well with the jet, and that's really the point anyway.

Height: 5cm Length: 12cm Width: 11.5cm

   A grey and red jet, the wings remind me of the outriggers of a trimaran, and the attachment points for the front panel of the trail now form gattling guns on the front of these outriggers, which almost makes the jet mode on it's own. The nose and base of the cockpit are red with the red grey, so it's a very uniform colour scheme.

   The front panel now forms a handlebar of sorts, which sits over his chest like the encasing bar on a roller coaster. It actually impedes Overload's view, but there's no reason why there can't be a small monitor on the back of it. To get Overload sitting inside the cockpit you can lift this bar and slip him in, you can lift out the front of the cockpit or fold down the loading door of the trailer and pop him in that way.

   The scale of this jet makes it a fighter, and this works with the gattling guns on the wings. The wings themselves look really cool, you can really imagine this thing in the think of dogfights (almost like a Tie Fighter, with the outriggers). There's not really much play value in this configuration, but the fact you can place Overload into his jet is enough for a set this size, really.

   I like this plane mode. It does what it's meant to do - adds another dimension to a Micromaster sold on it's own - and works very well visually, which is something a lot of Micromaster accessories don't manage to do.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A really well done package, the trailer and cab really belong together while the jet and robot also complement each other. The robot mode itself is decent without being spectacular. In truth the robot on it's own would be quite forgettable, but this is a fun set that's greater than the sum of it's parts - 8/10

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