Overkill Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Overkill
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Microcassette

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 0.5cm

   A white and blue microcassette, Overkill is largely white on the left and blue on the right - and since the blue is a navy blue the two colours are quite obvious. This is probably the most disjointed tape colour scheme amongst the sixteen microcassette Transformers, in fact. Overkill has a silver and blue tape sticker on the blue section, matched by painted details on white areas. The tape mural itself sports the the standard markings - "MC60" on the top left "Metal Position" below the painted tape window and "A" above the window on the right. The spools are painted black for some reason (the same is done on his partner, Slugfest, so at least they're consistent). The bottom left corner of the tape's face is clearly the T-rex head.

   There's not really a lot of moulded detail here, other than the robot head peeking out. The spools are moulded but the window is not recessed as on most of the tapes. Other than visible tailstub and the other side of his head, the most prominent feature on the back is the rubsign indent, which is on a strange angle.

   The blue and white are awfully broken up and the sticker doesn't nearly do enough to compensate, so this isn't a great tape mode. The T-Rex head actually looks kinda cool, but would have worked better on a more consistent tape face. This is easily Overkill's weaker mode.


   Flip out the head from underneath, fold out the feet on the right side, split the legs. Fold out the tail and forearms, attach the guns on either side and open the jaw if you feel inclined.

Height: 7cm Length: 7cm Width: 3cm

   A white T-rex with blue limbs and tail, along with a blue lower jaw that opens and shuts. Both eyes are unpainted, which is somewhat disappointing, although he has moulded teeth on both jaws, and a horn on the snout for some reason. The weapons, which look like double missileracks, are the standard chrome silver affairs, with jets on the back. The rubsign on his left (non-tape) side, is again at an angle, maybe 40 tilt.

   There's some movement here, although most of it is related to his transformation. The head lifts up and down, as does the jaw. The forelimbs can lift and the feet can swing down. While only the jaw is an extra, this does give some play value. The colours work quite well and there's enough visually to make a decent beast - the horn may not be very accurate but then neither is his tail dragging pose (in hindsight). There are certainly better cassette beasts, but the colours help make Overkill work at a glance. Unusually for a cassette, the extra width provided by the weapons isn't that important - the legs widen anyway.

   Easily his better mode and while there's a lack of meaningful poseability this is still a fun T-rex. My main complaint is that the eyes are unpainted. The angled rubsign is strange and I don't see why it's not level in this mode.


   Some Overkills _did_ have painted eyes (guess I lucked out). Overkill was sold with Slugfest.

   In 2009, Overkill was reissued in the Encore line in Japan. The stickers on the blue patches of this version were replaced by painted details.


   A decent dinosaur mode with good colours and weapons mixed with a poor cassette mode - Overkill is similar to his packmate in many ways. The colour pairing is better than on a lot of cassette Transformers although the layout is a mess in tape mode. The earlier microcassettes are probably more compelling, but if you like the subgroup, I'd recommend Overkill on the strength of his T-rex mode - 7/10

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