Octopunch Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Octopunch
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Salvage
Alternate Mode: Crab

Height: 2.5cm Length: 6cm Width: 6.5cm

   A deep yellow crab with some brick red on the "upper arms" of his claws and lilac legs, Octopunch has crimson eyes. The colour scheme is fairly simple and while the combination of colours is somewhat random, the yellow and red look good against one another. The purple isn't particularly well suited here, but it's a common colour to this sub group of Pretenders. The colours are okay, doing what they need to here.

   As is typical of the smaller Pretenders, there's not much here in the way of play value. You can plug Octopunch's smaller red rifle into a hole on top of the body of the crab, the claws open and shut - with only the outer pieces moving, while the claws can swing out to the sides. To be fair, Octopunch has more play value than most smaller Pretenders. The legs are single pieces of plastic.

   Octopunch's legs detach and set aside, something all too common amongst Pretenders, and they're easily lost. The sides of the body can swing up when you don't want them to, since they're robot arms, but wont sag since the claws get in the way of that. While he's small and fairly simple, there is some nice detailing on the legs, which have some cool mechanical sculpting.

   A decent crab in context, really. Sure it's nothing on even say a Dinobot, but it's very well defined and is visually more interesting than many other Pretender alt modes. It's all but useless without the crab legs, which really ends up being an Achilles heel since they're pretty much impossible to find on their own - and Octopunch is quite rare anyway. It's also worth noting that Octopunch is the _only_ crab Transformer in the entire G1 toyline - we didn't see the second one until Beast Wars.


   Detach the purple leg pieces and set aside (or plug into dedicated storage holes on the back of his shell). Close the claws, straighten his "arms", stand up the robot, slide up his head and you're done.

Height: 6.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   Octopunch is again based around the deep yellow - on his arms and boots - and the brick red - on his head, thighs and chest. His face is very simple and is painted white. The colour scheme is very simple but the layout works and the colours work well together. A few stickers would have made is a really good colour scheme, since there are a total of seven visible screws and rivets - a lot for such a small toy. There are three screws on the torso and a screw and rivet per boot. I've placed a Decepticon logo sicker over the screw on his groin (thank you, Collector's Series Megatron!), but I don't have enough generic stickers to cover the rest. The screws really hold him back visually.

   As with all of the smaller Pretenders, Octopunch has a good bodyshape, since the addons do the transformation's dirty work. The way the claws become decent legs is quite clever, and he stands up well. The play value is laughable - but then that's normal in this set. His arms swing at the shoulders and are permanently bent at the elbows. The red gun plugs into the side of either elbow and looks pretty good there (I wish mine had the gun!).

   A decent robot mode overall, but one that _really_ needed some stickers. The colours and bodyshape are very nice, even the simple face looks good. The detailing is okay, if generic - there's no hint of a crab here. A good robot mode which could have been great (in the context of the line) but for a couple of bucks invested in a sticker sheet.

The Pretender Shell

   A maroon merman with a ceramic blue chest featuring a mid blue breathing apparatus, green leg with grey armour and yellow armour on his arms. The helmet actually comes off to reveal a monstrous face with amber eyes. The arms, head and helmet are all composed of a soft plastic while the rest is composed of a green plastic. There are octopus tentacles protruding from his arms (hence the name), and while the head is bulbous it's not especially octopus like - but then octopodes aren't known for humanoid facial features.

   This shell has a fierce hunchback - Octopunch is suffering from osteoporosis methinks. The obligatory backpack is blue and carries the purple crab legs very well - they hardly protrude at all.

   There's not much play value here. The arms swivel at the shoulders, the helmet detaches and he carries a light grey gun. You do not need to remove his helmet to split the shell, as on some Pretenders. As an aside, the reissue Masters of the Universe Merman figure comes with a trident that works really well with this shell. I'm going to have to track that figure down, now that I have my own Octopunch!

   I really like the fact that Hasbro made an effort to give us some interesting Pretender shells in the 1989 series, after some of the generically boring shells in the first series. Octopunch's shell does have odd colouring, but the theme is really cool.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A solid Pretender with an interesting shell and an unusual alternate mode. Octopunch is by no means the best Pretender out there, but if you like the line then you should like Octopunch. He's also one of few G1 crustaceans (Nautilator is the only other that springs to mind), and I'm generally impressed with the simple yet well designed inner robot. You'll want to steal Merman's trident and grab some extra stickers from somewhere. If you find him at a decent price (1989 Pretenders just aren't that common), I'd recommend Octopunch - 6.5/10

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