Generations Lugnut Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Generations Lugnut
Series: Lugnut
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: WWII Bomber Plane

Height: 9.5cm Length: 22cm Width: 37cm

   An army green bomber with some purple flashes on top of his wings, transparent red cockpit & nose windows, black & yellow danger stripes around the twin wing-mounted engines. The turbines and twin side-mounted guns are gold and there's a red mouth with teeth painted on either side of the nose. Rounding this out, Lugnut has white lettering on the tailfin and wings reading, "LU-G NU-7" (Lugnut). There's a "Reveal The Shield" style rubsign on the portside wing, facing backwards, and this is the only allegiance symbol here.

   While this toy is inspired by Animated Lugnut, the colours really match those of the repaint, Atomic Lugnut, thanks mainly to the army green here. At any rate, this Lugnut is more realistic than the stylised Animated version of the character. He's not really an Animated toy anymore, if anything he falls between the movie line and Generations (I'm going with the latter since the robot mode face is anything but movie-like). There's a higher level of detail here too - lots of rivets & seams, those guns on either side and the turbines, for example. I like the fact that Lugnut not only has those gold cannons in either side but also two small green cannons sticking out the back of his tail.

   The play value here is good if not fantastic. There are four small green wheels underneath allowing him to roll along with those targetable guns on either side. The only gimmick is a missile launcher built into his tail which fires a single red missile. It's concealed by those twin cannons on the tail, which flip up. The cannon is activated by pressing a purple button on top of the fuselage and can swing down to shoot the single missile underneath Lugnut. The firing mechanism is quite powerful - especially for a Hasbro toy. There's a punching gimmick in robot mode, and the triggers are underneath his wings in this mode. Pulling on these purple triggers will extend the wings about 1/2 an inch, revealing fairly simple sculpted missileracks. It's not especially impressive but I like that the designer gave it some sort of purpose here.

   A good vehicle mode with quite a few nice touches, such as the name callout on his registration number, the mouth painted on the nose and the clever use of the punching gimmick. It's also a good tribute to the Animated toy, albeit with a more realistic twist on the colours. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of this toy is an impressive wingspan for a voyager.


   Unclip and rotate the underside, split to form legs, rotate the hips around to spread the legs a little further (and then rotate the legs around themselves). Fold the ends up to form his shins, flip out the feet and heelspurs. Flip down the tail, lift up the section of the fuselage anchoring the wings, push the tail in towards the nose which will split the nose & reveal his head. Swing the groin up & clip into the gap in his chest, fold back the panel above his head. Rotate the wings, fold away the flaps to form his upper arms. Unclip the fingers at the front of the wings, rotate down to form his hands, fold the wingtips up on his forearms, fold down his arms and you're done.

Height: 18.5cm Width: 14.5cm

   A green robot with purple on his groin, thighs and the central strip of his chest, Lugnut has a single red eye for his face and the chest is flanked by the transparent red plastics of the plane's nose. The gold turbines are on top of his shoulders and the shoulderblade sits above his head, giving Lugnut a distinct hunchback. The rubsign is now on the outside of his right forearm but not especially prominent there, and there are no other allegiance symbols here. The colours are actually quite muted and work well enough.

   Just like the Animated character, this robot mode has an unusual shape. The aforementioned hunchback is jointed a simple face with a red cyclops eye, long arms ending in large hands (not the punching hands of the Animated toys, mind you) and a very narrow waist. The tail hangs on his back, and while it's a large chunk of kibble it's the only real kibble her and doesn't affect his balance. There are some nice visual elements here - the hunchback I'll include since that's a stylistic inclusion. Also, the turbines as shoulderpads, the gold guns now on either side of his chest and the oversized hands all work well.

   There are two gimmicks available here - the same two as in plane mode, but both end up playing out a little differently. The purple triggers now on the outside of his forearms cause the hands to extend around 1/2 inch, for a kind of punching gimmick. The hands have three fingers each that only sort of form a fist (or an open hand), so it's not a true punch, but the gimmick works well all the same. The other one is the missile launcher within the tail. The tail itself can rotate, which then allows the missile launcher to sit on either side of his hips (that narrow waist comes in handy now!), and fire the missile forwards (and to the side).

   Poseability is good, if slightly limited by his narrow hips. The head is on a ball joint and the waist turns while the arms lift at the shoulders and swing out to the sides. The shoulderblades above & behind his head don't quite anchor, so this piece can move around as you pose Lugnut's arms. The elbows are hinged and there are rotators just below the shoulders. His fingers, as mentioned, are poseable so that he can (sort of) form fists. There's no scope here for handheld weaponry, by the way. His hips swing and lift out to the sides while his knees are double hinged with rotators just below the hips. His ankles are ball jointed while both the toes and heelspurs are hinged, allowing for a wide rangers of foot poses. There's a wide array of poses available here, with the only real limitation being the limited positioning of the missile launcher.

   A good robot mode with an interesting aesthetic. He's less stylised than Animated Lugnut, although he's still very abstract compared to most Transformers. The colours work, the poseability is good and the visual aesthetics of his features are a positive. Lugnut's gimmicks aren't fantastic but they do the job - even if the missile launcher only has one limited use here.


   The Japanese version is based on the original Animated Lugnut's colours rather than those of Atomic Lugnut.


   Lugnut treads the line between an Animated tribute, Generations and the movie line quite well - the plane mode doesn't quite have the realism of the movie but it's a good plane mode with an impressive wingspan. The robot mode is a less cartoony version of the Animated concept, more serious but still with the sort of unusual robot aspects that were Animated's hallmark. The poseability is excellent and the colours work. The gimmicks aren't anything special but they do the job. Recommended for fans of the Generations/Classics lines who also appreciate the Animated concept - 9/10

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