Nosecone Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Nosecone
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Assault Vehicle
Alternate Mode: Drill Tank

Height: 4.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 4.5cm

   Nosecone's drill tank mode is primarily brown, with a yellow rear section, a white drill and a (painted) ochre cabin. There are also silver panels on the front of each tread. You can add some more yellow if you choose via his side-mounted missiles. It's worth mentioning here that his picture in the 1987 & 1988 catalogues show an orange prototype, not the actual mass-produced toy.

   I've never been a huge fan of this drill mode. While it has no major flaws, I just find it a rather dull mode. The brown doesn't help this much, and the fact that it's basically a lump with a drill and a couple of treads detracts further.

   The tank itself sits above the treads, so it's a raised lump. The rear is higher than the front, but the centre of gravity is over the treads so he wont rock back. Each tread has two wheels in it's underside, and it rolls okay when you push it along. The missiles attach to the rear section, and basically sit between the treads and the rear. He looks better with them, although my Nosecone has only one missile

   He has a rubsign indent sitting on top of the base of the drill, and I have to say this is a really, really dumb place to put a rubsign indent. What makes it worse that that it's raised, so that the 1988 version has a phantom block of plastic raised above the cone's natural curve.

   You can probably tell I don't like this mode much. He's not horrible, but there's little to inspire me about this mode.


   Flip the drill up, fold down the back half. Swing the treads forward and then carefully down to form the arms - there's a set of joints inside the treads allowing them to sit flush with the body as arms. Give him his handgun.

Height: 8cm Width: 4cm

   Well, the brown which so dominates Nosecone's vehicle mode gives way a fair amount in this mode. The torso is white, the lower legs & head yellow, the face red and the thighs and arms brown.

   A fairly standard Scramble City limb robot mode presents itself in this mode. He's got lower legs that are joined together as a single piece, a square head, a painted face. His movement is limited to his shoulders, but the double jointed transform of the arms makes posing his arms somewhat annoying.

   The double joint system is done with dark grey intermediate pieces, which give the impression of a waist, something some other Scramble City limbs sorely lack (Streetwise springs to mind). This is pretty much neutered by the fact that his arms are nothing but treads. He's got no elbows, no hands, just links. What's more they _look_ like treads attached to his torso. Even the Micromaster Bombshock (of the Military Patrol), who has treads as arms, has hands moulded inside his treads.

   Terrible arms, okay colours and no poseability or anything else to offset those arms. Not a robot mode that I can really enjoy. The only positive is that aside from the arms, the proportions are okay.


   As mentioned, the 1987 version has a rubsign indent and the 1988 version has this filled in.


   A somewhat boring vehicle mode, that suffers slightly from the "it's a tank because Hasbro says so" syndrome, and a robot mode that's dragged down by it's arms. Nosecone's not a toy I'd recommend on it's own at all. Of course, you need him for Computron, and he's worth getting for that alone, since Computron is an excellent Gestalt. Otherwise, I'd skip him - 4.5/10

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