Night Attack Team Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scattor
Series: Armada
Allegiance: Minicon
Alternate Mode: Missile Truck

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A black, eight-wheeled missile truck with cobalt blue and silver highlights and some white and grey around the centre of his tray, Scattor's colours are quite similar to those of Bonecrusher from the Land Military Team (the Night Attack Team is a repaint of that set). Scattor has a black cabin on the right hand side (with a fairly well disguised robot forearm hanging off the back), while the entire left hand side is a big grey missile launcher with a huge white missile loaded. There's a Minicon logo on top of the launcher and a powerlinx port under the cabin.

   I'm pretty happy with Scattor's play value. Six of the eight wheels roll - the second set from the front are the exception, and since they've painted the hubcaps silver to match the pins in the others, you won't really notice they're moulded on. The pressure-activated missile launcher is pretty cool - push on the back of the missile and once you reach the threshold it'll fire out and fire about 20cm along the desk. The missile launcher swings right around at the base and there's also a hinge allowing it to lift up about 40 degrees.

   The only real negative to this missile truck is the tendency for the cabin - and the robot forearm - to swing around when you don't want it to. A notch to keep this robot shoulder in place would have been nice. But otherwise it's a powerful looking launcher on a pretty good truck mode.


   In a word, unusual. The entire thing rotates around a central hinge, but rather than it being front and rear halves it's left and right. The end effect is that the front left and rear right become the chest, which sports two wheels, while the cabin becomes the left arm and the missile launcher his right arm. The front right and rear left become his legs. The hinge ends up becoming his groin.

   One mine at least the chest needs excessive force to clip together and the head needs even more to clip into place. Whether or not this is a one off defect I can't say. It may be mould degradation or inferior plastic.

Height: 6cm Width: 4cm

   I should point out that since the missile is actually taller than Scattor, you can't put his right arm down to his side unless you lose the missile. Anyway, he's a black robot with grey groin and right arm, white thighs, cobalt blue left fist and silver face with a red eyevisor thing (it looks like he's wearing a night vision scope). While again it's quite similar to Bonecrusher's colours, this is a nice colour scheme.

   Scattor has pretty good poseability, with hinged knees and hips, as well as his left elbow. Both shoulders are swivels, and the right arm (missile launcher) can lift out to the side. The weight of the right arm means that for most poses it has to act as a third leg. Shooting poses are possible if you're willing to lean him back a little. Removing the missile is enough to fix his weight problems, and gives him a claw on his long right arm.

   This mode really is dominated by the giant right arm missile launcher. The colours and articulation are pretty good, and aside from the balancing problems there's not really anything to complain about.


   Based around a single gimmick, which for the most part works really well, and the transformation is interesting and actually works. But then the name comes along and ruins everything. Someone at Hasbro needs to look up the meaning of "scat", because they keep using this appalling name. Ignoring the name, 7.5/10, but that drops to 4 when you consider just how bad the name is.
Name: Broadside
Series: Armada
Allegiance: Minicon
Alternate Mode: Armoured Truck

Height: 3cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A cobalt blue armoured truck with a big roof mounted missile launcher packing a single white missile. He has six black wheels and silver painted windows, as well as some white bits on his sides. There's a powerlinx port underneath the front and grey trigger on the left side of the launcher. The cobalt blue is a radical departure from Knock Out's tan, making Broadside quite distinct. The colours work well in themselves, too.

   Broadside has a lot of moulded detail, including headlights, hatches, taillights. One of the hatches, which is under the launcher, is a Minicon symbol. Broadside is the only member of this set with a spring loaded missile, hence the trigger. Thanks to this spring, it will fire about a metre, and is powerful enough to take out a Minicon.

   Again a fun mode, and Broadside has good colours and the level of detail here is nice. This is my favourite vehicle mode of this set, and probably the best repaint.


   Swing the front and middle wheels to form his arms, swing the rear down to form the legs and fold his boots down. The missile launcher swings down to the right hand side and the head - which is attached to the launcher - will flip out. Swing the arms down to his sides.

   For some reason the boots on mine end up pigeon toed, which is easily fixed by pulling the feet apart - the knees are taught enough that he'll stay like this. Again I can't say if this is a one off, although a theme seems to be emerging.

Height: 6.5cm Width: 4cm

   A cobalt blue robot with white shoulder joints, groin, thighs and a black head (along with black knees, something left unpainted on Knock Out). Broadside also sports a _huge_ shoulder mounted missile launcher. The front of the truck is Broadside's robot chest. He has big boots and small feet, but is fairly stable. The head is painted black while the eyestrip is yellow and this is a definite improvement on the entirely red head of Knock Out. Broadside does have tiny holes in his fists (too small to hold anything). This robot mode is where the new colour scheme really shines for me, partly because of the added detail (knees, eyes), and partly because the balance of cobalt blue and supporting white, silver and black is just right.

   The missile launcher is again his main gimmick and fires just as well in this mode - in fact being higher it fires a little further. The arms swing at the shoulders, his knees bend and the hips swing. The Minicon symbol is now on his left shin, while the right shin has a plain hatch.

   While his face is simple it's an improvement on the previous version, and with the huge shoulder cannon overshadowing his head anyway you only need enough detail to define the head and face really. The cannon overwhelms most of this robot mode, actually, and makes for a rather powerful looking Minicon.


   They've fixed the main weakness Knock Out had, given the mould a nifty colour scheme and kept all the good stuff. The missile launcher, truck mode and robot mode are good and the only real negative is the kneejoints (and that's minor - and maybe even just mine). The end result is that Broadside is my favourite of this set by some distance, and is the only one I would call an improvement on the original - 9/10
Name: Fetch
Series: Armada
Allegiance: Minicon
Alternate Mode: Missile Tank

Height: 3cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A cobalt blue tank with black painted treads, white pinstripes and twin grey missile launchers on top with white missiles, Fetch has a Minicon symbol nestled underneath the missile launchers and silver windows. Like those on his teammates, the missile launchers are the dominant feature of this mode. The pinstripes might seem odd in theory but work fairly well, although on mine the pant isn't applied too well.

   There are wheels underneath which roll, although he slides along smoother surfaces. The missile launchers are fixed into position, and point upwards at an angle of about 15. The missiles are pressure activated like on Scattor, and hang out at least 2cm from the back of the launchers.

   The moulded detail is pretty good. Aside from the links and internal wheels on the treads, he has front mounted lights, rivets, hatches and air vents. All up it's a good tank mode, although the front tends to half transform on its own. I'm saying this set has inferior moulding, since all three suffer somewhere, with Fetch suffering most. My other complaint is the fixed missile launchers, since they tend to point inwards slightly (at least on mine).


   Swing the missile launchers down to the sides, flip the front over to form the legs and stand him up.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 5cm (and almost 2cm of his height is the missiles sticking up)

   A cobalt blue robot with grey arms and thighs, Fetch has a white face, chestplate and groin along with green eyes. The undersides of his treads, on the outer edges of his torso, are unpainted although the prototype pictures show them as black. The unpainted treads help the look of his arms although they do look like they should be painted. He's not really better or worse than Wreckage in this mode.

   The shoulders are ball joints, since they're the attachment points of the missile launchers, which are now his arms. The missile launcher arms are his main feature and also his downfall. There are (flattened) fists moulded on the insides of the arms, but these don't help any. The missile launchers as arms _almost_ works on it's own, except that if you fire a missile he's left with a hollow arm sporting a quasi-claw at the end. With the missile loaded, they don't really look like proper arms, since they're too long.

   The arms do look better than on Wreckage simply because Fetch doesn't have the treads competing for your attention, but they're still bad arms. He would work better as a walking missile launcher than a robot. It's still a fun robot mode to play with, since he's capable of shooting two (proportionately) huge missiles.


   The weakest of the set, mainly due to a fairly poor looking robot mode, and the floppy knee joints ruin the tank mode for me. There was certainly potential in the repaint, they just haven't realised it - 4/10

   As mentioned, this set is a repaint of the Land Military Team.


   The missile launchers are the main gimmick of this set, and work well on all three, and while the unified colour scheme is a nice idea, weaker moulding hurts two of the three. And then there's the name Scattor - I plan to give him away once I've finished this review. Broadside is very good even if his name is someone inappropriate, but I'd recommend the original set over these if you can find them - 6/10

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