Machine Wars Megatron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: Machine Wars
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Commander
Alternate Mode: F-22 Fighter Jet

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Megatron, making this review possible (I have since acquired Megatron).

Height: 5cm Length: 12cm Width: 8cm

   A mid blue F-22 fighter with white spray on the tailwings and a fading to blue spattering on the back of the wings themselves. Megatron has a silver cockpit, which is a separate piece of plastic. There are some red and white stickers on the wings and a couple of milky white robot bits peeking out from underneath the wings. The colours here aren't exactly what you'd expect for Megatron - in fact the concurrently released Megaplex, done in grey, would have been a better match. The white spray is a little unusual as well, so while this is hardly an ugly colour scheme, it's not really one that makes a lot of sense.

   This is a mould that's been revisited several times, in everything from yellow to black. Megatron (and his decoy, Megaplex) was the first, but in there are better jet colours that came later on - the only thing that makes this jet mode special is the fact that it represents the leader of the Decepticons.

   There's really no play value in this mode - it's all in the transform and the robot mode. The landing gear can retract, which is fine if you're zooming him around the room, but he can stand with the wheels up. Overall, this is a pretty uninspiring jet mode with an unusual colour scheme - especially with the white paint wash.


   Theoretically, push down on the nose and that's it. In reality, you have to fold up the landing gear first. Once you've done that he does essentially transform. The tail section actually slides up when it transforms, which is kind of cool. Position the arms and legs, and remove the two halves of his gun from inside his legs.

Height: 10cm Width: 8cm

   Guess what? He's mainly blue again, although now the white plastic comes into its own on his thighs and shoulders, as well as the landing gear on his shins. He has a bucket-head, which is the same blue as the rest of the toy - an unusual feature for the small Machine Wars toys who often had random head colours. The eyes are made of the same silver plastic as the canopy now on his chest and there are no visible stickers. While the colour scheme is again quite simple, at least the paint wash is no longer visible. The blue head with an unpainted face makes him look like a clone - I have to wonder if Hasbro mixed up the names somewhere along the line.

   While the buckethead is classic Megatron, the colours are not, so while I can believe it's Megatron, a toy with so little silver doesn't really feel that much like a Megatron. At any rate, he has a cape in the form of his wings, impressive looking elbow spurs and a nice big blue rifle, with detachable silencer. The hips, knees, elbows and shoulders are ball joints. The head is, too, but its movement is limited to turning about 30 to either side, since the metal rod that his chest swivels down on is pushing up behind it. This poseability is Megatron's strong point, and he has heelspurs that allow a lot of posing.

   This is Megatron's better mode, thanks largely to the cool gun and great poseability. Plus he has a buckethead, which sells the toy as a Megatron. Some stickers would have been nice here, as would some colour on the face.


   Released concurrently with Megaplex, who is the same mould. BWII Thrust and Wind Sheer from RiD are repaints of this mould.


   The colour scheme is unusual and the paint map in robot mode very sparse - some more colour would have really helped this toy. The robot mode is fun, so I'd recommend at least one version of this mould. BWII Thrust is my favourite toy using this mould but Megaplex is easier to find and nicer than Megatron. I'd recommend this toy if you don't have the mould, but only if the others aren't available - 5/10

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