Motorvator Lightspeed Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Motorvator Lightspeed
Series: European Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Scout
Alternate Mode: Racing Car

Thanks to Tiby for lending me Lightspeed for this review.

Height: 5.5cm Length: 15cm Width: 7cm

   A red racing car which vaguely resembles a Ferrari, Lightspeed has transparent blue windows at the front and sides, with yellow painted windows at the back. He sports a sticker on the hood with yellow stripes and the number 3, which is also on his doors. The wheels are blue with black rubber tyres - something pretty much unheard of in G1 after 1986. The colours are simple and look a little garish - the yellow rear on his windows and blue on his hubcaps are just too much.

   As much as I like the use of rubber tyres, I don't really like this car mode, visually. Lightspeed is big and chunky, in an oversized knock-off way, without anything that really makes this car look good. Many of the details are quite simple - the most complex sculpt here is the seams around his pop-up headlights, even then the headlights are done as stickers that suggest they're_not_ pop up.

   The play value is okay here. The rubber tyres roll quite well although the robot's chestplate underneath has a tendency to run against the table. You can plug his blue sword into a hole on the roof, although it sticks up and looks rather stupid. The roof and windshield lifts up, revealing a cabin in which you can seat his mini Energon figure as a driver. None of this is especially impressive, although it does spice things up a little.

   An ugly car mode, really. There's nothing here to get excited about aside from the rubber tyres. For his size, Lightspeed really needs more detail - this detailing would have been suitable on a toy half the size. It's a basic, low detail, generic sports car mode with a garish colour scheme.


   Remove the driver and set aside. Split the rear and rotate to form legs, stand him up. Fold back the front of the car onto his back, swing down the chestplate, insert the mini figure, close the chestplate which will cause the face to slide up into the head. Give him the sword.

Height: 16.5cm Width: 7cm

   Again mainly red, Lightspeed has a blue torso and head, grey thighs and hands, a silver waist, silver face and bright orange eyes. Again we have a sticker with an Autobot logo, central on his chest, along with some yellow stickers here and there. The colour scheme works better than that of his car mode, even if the orange eyes look bad.

   Lightspeed has a very simple car mode and a simple transformation. So it's almost fitting that his robot mode is uncomplicated. The sculpt is just as spartan as the car mode, despite almost everything visible here is from the underside of the car, so the designer had a blank slate. And much of that blank slate still looks blank, sadly.

   The play value is again pretty minimal. The Energon figure offers a nice gimmick, and the toy really relies on this gimmick, failing to capture the imagination as an actual Transformer. The arms swing and this is all Lightspeed gets in the way of meaningful articulation. The sword can plug into either hand.

   The Energon figure itself, which is unnamed as far as I can tell, is essentially a scaled down version of Lightspeed - the limbs are red and the body and head blue. The face is silver, with silver eyes this time, and is well sculpted. The arms swing and the legs move as one, allowing it to sit. It has more poseability than Lightspeed himself.

   This robot mode better than the vehicle mode, mainly because the colours aren't as shocking. It's still a poor robot mode - articulation is almost absent, the sculpt and colours are far from enough to save this robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of. Lightspeed is a repaint of Braver, using a lighter shade of blue compared to Braver.


   More than anything else, Lightspeed suffers from being far too simple for his size. The sculpt, articulation and transformation are all a joke and the car mode is far too generic. The colours are poorly thought out, making him the weakest Motorvator in my opinion. The brain gimmick is okay, but isn't enough to make the Transformer work. Not worth more than flea market prices - 2/10

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