Movie Warpath Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Warpath
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: 4x4

4x4 MODE
Height: 5.5cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 5cm

   A brick red off-road vehicle with big black tyres, charcoal windows and some mid blue stripes here and there, Warpath is a repaint of Cybertron's Overhaul. Warpath is a proper off-road four wheel drive, with not a soccer mum to be seen. There's a smaller spare tyre on his roof, black fenders, black runners below the doors and some silver paint on his headlights, sports lights and rooflights. This is a good colour scheme which is only barely reminiscent of his G1 namesake.

   For a toy with no axles, Warpath rolls remarkably well. If you have the missile inserted, the transparent blue missile will hang out the back about an inch, looking vaguely out of place without being awful. You can insert his blue and black Planet Key into the back of the truck, but it doesn't activate anything in this mode.

   Quite detailed for a basic vehicle mode, Warpath looks like he's built for the jungle. The tyres are _big_ in proportion, you get the feeling nothing's going to get in the way of this little bot in vehicle mode. As with many Cybertron vehicles, it's not a real vehicle, but looks like it could be.

   I do wish there were proper storage spots for the key and missile, and the rear wheels have a slight tendency to slide in, but otherwise this is a solid little truck. There's nothing fantastic here, and the tribute is tenuous at best, but it's an attractive repaint of a good mould.


   Swing the door panels out and back, lifting out the rear wheels and arms as you go. Fold down the front of the truck to form his boots, flip out the feet. Pose his arms and legs, flip up the head from within the spare tyres and turn it around. If it wasn't in place, slide the missile into his chest until it clicks into place.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 11cm

   The red is still his main colour, but the black is very prominent now and there are blue and silver painted details in generous supply. The groin, kneecaps, upper arms and feet are black, along with little Wolverine-style claws on his knuckles. The forearms, legs, chest and thighs are red while his groin is a metallic gold paint. The head is black with a silver face and transparent blue eyes. The lightpipe is poor - unlike the useful one on Overhaul. There's a silver Autobot logo on his right shoulder. Again the colours only vaguely line up to those of his G1 namesake, although the stocky shape is a good match. It's a nice colour scheme, the blue and silver highlights in particular do a lot for Warpath here.

   There's a lot of 4x4 here. The boots are the hood of the car while the windshield sits on his knees and giant kneecaps - you wouldn't want this guy kneeing you. The rear wheels sit on the back of his forearms and the doorpanels sit on the back of his shoulders, and while we're now seeing the insides, they're clearly car parts. It's a little shellformerish with those panels, but the boots are about a third of the vehicle so I'll stop short of calling him a shellformer.

   There's some play value here. If you insert the planet key into the slot on his back, the missile will fire, and easily propel itself over a metre across a floor, which is impressive. The head turns, the shoulders and hips are ball jointed, the elbows and knees hinged and the waist turns. The elbows are moulded into a permanently bent-inwards pose, which limits the arm poseability somewhat. The upside is that with large footprints and heavy boots, his legs are poseable and stable.

   As much as I'd like more elbow movement, I'm more frustrated with the fact that Warpath can't hold the missile as a club - he has no handheld weapon and when it's inserted, it doesn't look like it's ready to fire. If the missile has been fired, there'll be a gap in his chest, so it's either play with him or pose him with no visible weapon. Coincidentally, the missile sticking out the back reminds of G1 Warpath in a sense - it resemble the cannon on the _front_ of that toy's chest.

   Despite the elbows and weaponry shortcomings, this is a cute little robot. The bulk and car chunks really remind me of the G1 Minibots, a line I'm fond of. The leg poseability is good while he's not really a toy to play with, he is fun to pose and displays well. The name assignment feels quite arbitrary but the repaint looks good nonetheless.


   None that I'm aware of. As mentioned, he is a repaint of Overhaul. He also shares the mould with Brushguard.


   A fun little toy in a Minibot kind of way, Warpath's truck and robot modes both have great display value and while the arms are badly constructed, the transformation is interesting and the leg poseability good. The repaint is random and the tribute very weak, but this toy _does_ have a Minibot feel about it. Recommended if you like the Minibots and missed the Cybertron toys - 7/10

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