Movie Landmine Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Landmine
Series: Movie Tie-Ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Sector 7 Car

Height: 8cm Length: 13.5cm Width: 6cm

   A dark pine green (think Masterpiece "Greenscream") military car with black bumpers and tyres. There's some silver plastic here and there - most notably on two propane tanks behind the cabin and the seats inside the cabin. There's a single roof-mounted gun on the right side which is an army green with black handles and black bullet tape on one side. There are various black details stamped here and there including the number 52 in a stencilled font and a Sector 7 logo - both in numerous locations. There's a black Autobot logo on the hood and the serial no "UNIT G2G-534" at the back with a tiny US flag. The taillights and indicators are painted, rounding out a fairly detailed and very focused paint job. I would have liked to see a grimey wash (like that on Blackout), but hey, considering how bad the attempt at damage is on Bumblebee, no paint wash ain't so bad.

   Landmine is a combat car, the type of vehicle used to nip around a warzone. There are no doors - the sides are open and the windshield is composed of colourless plastic. He's basically the buggy we saw leaving Hoover Dam with Bumblebee as Sam went to take the Cube to the city, following Longarm and Rescue Ratchet as vehicles that appear in the film becoming toys.

   Landmine's sculpt is terrific, which is part of the reason I'd have liked to see a paint wash. The tyres have tread, the propane tanks are great and there are silver exhausts towards the back as well an engine grille - which is painted light blue in the recesses. There are black rails along the sides, running boards really, composed of a soft black plastic, some armour panels and a black bullbar at the front along with an unpainted searchlight. The gun on his roof is very well done with a scope on top, the bullet tape I've already mentioned and a handle at the front. There are rivets around the windshield and black rollcage elements inside the cabin, behind the seats.

   While the amount of play value here isn't exceptional, the movement we do get is impressive. The gun can extend forward and rotate at the base, you can rotate it through 360 with use of the joints on the stand. The wheels all roll, and all four have suspension, which is a really nifty feature that sells this car mode for me. Of course the sculpted details help a lot, but the suspension just proves to me that the designer cared about this car mode.

   A great vehicle mode with good colours and a nice paint job. Landmine's sculpt is great - the gun and propane tanks are wonderful details. The suspension and the gun round out a good combat car into a very satisfying alternate mode.


   Detach the gun and set aside. Pull out the running boards which will drag the seats with them. This unlocks the rear, flip over the rear section to form boots. Split the boots, slide up the taillights to form kneecaps, rotate the propane tanks down to form feet (clicking into place). Push in the rear tyres and swing down to form heelspurs. Pull the sides right out to the sides, unlocking the front section, and causing the front tyres to spring inwards (an Automorph, although the packaging doesn't hype one). Lift up the central panel on the hood, fold down the front - the head will push through the hole - and fold the panel down behind his head. Swing the head into place, rotate the arms into position. Fold the seats into hands - the back of the seats fold out to form his fingers while the green headrests become thumbs. Place his gun into either hand and you're done.

   It's not an involved transformation, and the concept is very simple, but there are some great minor aspects like the way his rear tyres become heelspurs and just how clever the formation of his hands is. The only downside is that the kneecaps aren't glued on and will likely pop off during transformation. I plan to glue them on.

Height: 14cm Width: 9.5cm

   A pine green robot with army green forearms, thighs and an army green facemask. There are some black elements here and there along with the some light blue painted details - notably his face. The green mask resembles a hockey mask in a way, although it's meant to resemble a rollcage (which is does, but hockey masks are just more common on faces). Anyway, Landmine sports some silver on his feel, hips and hands. The colour scheme is broadly similar to the vehicle mode, with the addition of the army green. The front of the car becomes his chest, with the Autobot logo central on his chest and Sector 7 logos on either shoulder. Again Landmine's colour scheme - and the layout - works very well.

   The sculpt is great again and the car elements here really enhance the look. The propane tanks as feet are an unusual aspect and the taillights as his kneecaps look good. The chest as the hood gives him something of a G1 feel - in terms of layout. The hands don't really look like seats anymore, and the arms overall don't look much like pieces of the car even though the running boards are clearly visible.

   Landmine's poseability is great. The neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips are ball jointed and while his waist turns (thanks to Andrew Murchison for pointing this last one out), the knees are hinged and the feet swing back and forth within the boots, effectively giving him hinged ankles. There are actually small green wheels underneath the feet, so Landmine actually stands on roller skates! The hands are also quite poseable thanks to their transformation - the thumbs have two hinges each and the fingers (as a group) also have two hinges. The hands have no trouble grasping the gun as a result.

   A great robot mode which is only really held back by the loose kneecaps - and they're relatively easy to fix. The sculpt is great, the layout is good, the poseability is awesome. His colours work well, and the mask on his face is both complex and attractive. There's quite a bit of innovation here, also - from the clever hands to the unusual feet to the facemask.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While he's not exactly a prominent character - the buggy he's based on is peripheral in the film, at best - Landmine is one of the best Movie toys. Both modes are detailed and well laid out. There's a lot of innovation, from the transformation to the face to the fact that we've never had a Transformer with this alternate mode. The play value in both modes offers something - the poseability is useful while the gun and suspension make the car mode fun. Whilst his appearance in the movie is very minor, I'd still recommend this figure if you're a fan of the movie - 9.5/10

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