Motormouth Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Motormouth
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Backup Support
Alternate Mode: Pickup Truck

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A blue pickup truck, with painted with a slightly metallic paint (over a solid blue plastic of the same hue), with silver headlights & front bumper. Motormouth has black windows, with the word "TRANSFORMERS" subtly bannered across the top of his windscreen in red. The colour scheme may not be garish G2, but the wording is. He's got black tyres with gold hubcaps (as pickup trucks do).

   It's a fairly good truck mode for it's size, all up, even if the detailing is a little unusual. The metallic paint is a nice touch, and it really make for a nice looking truck, overall. He can stow his gun in his tray, although I wouldn't recommend this, since the tray's paint could scratch.

   As with all Gobots, Motormouth has axles and can roll quite well, as well as fit on Hot Wheels tracks. The rear wheels are slightly larger than the from wheels, making him a souped up truck - which I suppose helps justify the gold hubcaps. In terms of play value, axles are about all I'd expect from a $4 toy, so on balance, with a good colour scheme this is a fairly good truck mode.


   Pretty simple. Pull down the rear to form the legs, fold down the hood to form the chest, pull out the arms.

Height: 7cm Width: 4cm

   Far less blue as a robot, Motormouth has blue arms and a blue chest (which is metallic since it's the truck's front), grey lower legs, red thighs, groin and a silver face. The detail on the head is fairly good, but with only one colour on his face it's easy to miss most of it - only the nose stands out since it's an unpainted red. It's worth mentioning that Motormouth comes in two common variants - the first being solid red & grey plastics, the second, which we got in Australia, has transparent red & grey plastics. I've not seen the first version in the flesh (so to speak), but my transparent one looks quite nice.

   The chest, which is the front of the truck, sticks out quite noticeably, and can get in the way of him standing up, a fairly minor flaw, and it's less pronounced on later toys of the same mould. His collarbone is white for some reason, but at least it matches his gun - making this somewhat random plastic colour choice a little more fitting.

   Overall, he's a pretty average Gobot. The mould has problems in this mode, and since the blue paint isn't as dominant in this mode, it doesn't look as nice as the car mode.


   The transparent vs solid plastics as mentioned. He's also spawned a lot of recolours - Gobot Ironhide, Spychanger Ironhide/Ox as well as various variants of the Ironhide/Ox character.


   The vehicle mode is quite good, the robot mode less so. He's easily better than Gobot Ironhide, and probably better than Ox/Ironhide, although not as interesting. Personally, this is my favourite of all the toys I own of this mould (Motormouth, Gobot Ironhide, Ox, Spychanger Ironhide and Clear Spychanger Ironhide). While he's not worth spending $100 on eBay to acquire, he's good if you get him at retail price or thereabouts - 6/10

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