Moon Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Moon
Series: Beast Wars Second
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Celestial Observer
Alternate Mode:

Height: 11cm Length: 9cm Width: 5cm

   A twot-tone yellow rabbit with blue ears and tufts on his cheeks, Moon has silver fore feet. The two yellow plastics used are very similar shades, and together cover most of this low-detail beast mode. Moon is an anime creature, a radical departure from the realistic or mecha creatures that make up most of the BWII series. His wide eyes are while with humanoid pupils. The face is more like that of a cat that a rabbit, and the eyes are very much forward facing.

   While there are some vaguely fur-like mouldings on this animal, Moon's ears and tail (the robot head) are quite robotic. He sort of squats in a bunny rabbit pose, but then his face looks more like the Easter Bunny than that of a real rabbit. Moon is more poseable than he might appear, with ball jointed ears, hips, shoulders and ankles (there are no knees) and hinges wrists and elbows. His neck is also ball jointed, although you're best off just leaving him to look straight ahead.

   This rabbit mode, despite the ball joints, doesn't really have many dynamic poses available. Moon pretty much sits there looking cutesey. As BWII's answer to Wheelie as the kid-identifiable character who sort of hovers around, Moon's beast mode looks more like a stuffed toy figurine than a Transformer.


   Pretty simple, really. Essentially you stand Moon up, with the hindlegs becoming arms, the forelegs becoming feet. The robot feet fold down and the tail (robot head) lifts up slightly. The rabbit head folds up and stows behind his rump (there's a joke in that, I'm sure) and the arms straighten out.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 6cm

   Again primarily yellow, Moon has blue feet and a blue crest on his head. There's a round green protrusion on his groin, which can best be described as a cottontail and worse described in a way I'd rather not go into. His chest has some silver paint and a round clear window while his red eyes are surrounded by a a black mask. His face is very simple - the eyemask and a minimal, drone like mouth.

   Poseability is much better now, even if the jointing is largely the same. Moon's hips, knees, shoulders and elbows are all ball jointed while the waist and neck turn. He lacks hands, but he doesn't have a weapon anyway. The legs connect to the outside of his hips (like those of lizard, which looks a little odd - but then Moon looks very odd next to most Transformers. Again there's a distinct anime feel to this guy, although he's not as cheesy now, just very stylised.

   Moon has a rather unique in-built gimmick - the window on his torso is actually the viewer for a slideshow. The slides are changed by pressing down on the top of the toy (the waist momentary collapses. There are a total of twelve images: Seibertron (the planet Cybertron), LioConvoy, Galvatron, LioConvoy & some others (Scuba, Tasmania Kid, Powerhug and Diver), a Destron group shot, A LioConvoy profile shot, a picture of the character Artemis, a Magnaboss schematic, God Neptune, a picture of some pink anime characters, an anime scene featuring LioConvoy and lastly, Takotank. The pictures are small and somewhat blurry, and while you need to hold him up against a fairly good lightsource to really see them, the gimmick is trying something different, which I appreciate. Considering the limited space Moon provides, that we get twelve images is actually pretty damn good.

   While the gimmick is a little constricted, it's novel and the poseablity is pretty good. Moon's robot mode is as unusual as his beast mode, without being quite so cheesy. While he's still kind of weird, I can appreciate the originality here.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Moon is certainly original and unique. The rabbit mode is straight out of anime and the robot mode isn't far off that. There's not quite enough inner five year old in me to allow me to really get into this bright yellow bunny rabbit, which is both simple and lacking in some detail. Having said that, the gimmick is quite charming, the poseability respectable and the gimmick makes Moon quite novel. I can't really recommend him to the adult collector for much more than curiousity value, but I certainly don't dislike this guy - 6/10

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