Mol Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mol
Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Demolitions
Alternate Mode: Mole / Gun emplacement

Height: 4.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 8.5cm

   Don't believe the hype, Mol doesn't really looks much like a mole. He's a small transparent red and mustard yellow robotic creature with red treads in place on hindlegs and yellow forelimbs with black suction-cap like feet. It's not really a mole but it's a nice animal mode, whatever it is. His head is transparent red big black eyes and a black drill for his snout. Mol's transparent plastic works well, which can't be said for a lot of more expensive Beast Machine toys. I actually think he's a rather cute little critter, thanks to the simple bodyplan and big black eyes.

   There's not much here making Mol a Mole - he has ears on his head for starters, whereas moles have hidden ears. He has feet that are designed to support his weight, moles have flipper-like legs for burrowing. He doesn't look much like the marsupial mole of the West Australian deserts either - which look like regular moles (but are very much unrelated, and only vaguely related to other marsupials). I strongly suspect the mole was chosen simply because this guy's meant to dig.

   The drill snout turns, thanks to a bronze wheel behind his head, which blends in really well yet is still easy to access. While it's not the most impressive gimmick, it gives Mol more play value in animal mode than his Deployer brethren get. You can also swing the forelegs out or in towards his body. OK, so compared to even basic BM toys this sucks, but it's pretty good for a $5 toy that verges on being an accessory.

   There's a lot of detail in this mode, and the black paint on his paws fades to the yellow plastic on his legs. There's black on his rump, including some paint on it's sunken features (seams etc). Quite a lot of effort for such a low pricepoint toy, really. While the animal mode isn't as well executed as Rav's, the effort is certainly there, and this runs rings around Dillo's beast mode.


   Press down on his snout, which will release a latch behind his neck. The treads swing up next to his rump, the head folds down and you're left with a somewhat distorted... whatever he is. Swing back the forelimbs, so that you can use them and the snout as a tripod. Stand him up with his... aft... in the air. There are two little bronze handles on the back you can lift up, which allow a basic figure to "man" this weapon.

Height: 8cm Length: 8cm Width: 7cm

   The yellow is all at the back of this tripod, the red treads, black rump and forelimbs take centre stage now. Sticking out of his bum (let's be honest!) is a little buzzsaw, which forms the central part of this mode. The idea is that he's a small emplacement that shoots buzzsaw discs (well, one). The disc is transparent red like the two columns either side of it (the treads). The colours again work well here, although the transparent plastic isn't quite as fitting here, mainly because a transparent buzzsaw is a little far fetched.

   Pressing a little bronze button just behind the front of the toy will release the buzzsaw-blade, which shoots maybe 25cm. There's a transparent red post on one side, which slots into the firing mechanism and prevents the blade from travelling gracefully. I suppose a spinning blade is beyond the engineering of such a small toy (the Deployers are the lowest pricepoint since the GoBots five years earlier). The launcher does work in animal mode, but the image is disturbing.

   I'm not a huge fan of this weapon mode. It does it's job, but the blade isn't really anything special and Mol doesn't really look like anything. The handles do give him some legitimacy in that he can be operated by a basic, but it's not enough to make this a compelling mode.


   There was a repainted version, still called Mol, with transparent blue in place of red, neon green in place of yellow and neon blue in place of bronze. The repaint is fairly rare (and was limited to the USA), it's colours are rather garish.


   The mole mode is cute and pretty decent for what it is - even if it's nothing like an actual mole. The weapon mode is forgettable and the projectile location is very dubious. Not a toy I'd recommend searching high and low for, but his animal mode is enjoyable - 5.5/10

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