Autobot Micromaster Battlefield Headquarters Toy Review

Individual Review

Names: Full-Barrel, Overflow
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Regional Ground/Air Defence
Alt Mode: Box Truck


Height: 2.5cm Length: 4.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A blue shortnose truck cab with a light grey block at the back, which is half the combined box. He has a red bumper and light blue painted windows while the tyres are black and the fenders white. While he's a passable vehicle with four tyres, Full-Barrel looks more like half a truck than a proper vehicle. Good enough as a standalone amongst Micromaster Combiners, if not a great truck as such.


   Swing the box down to form legs, stand him up. This is simple even by Micromaster standards.

Height: 5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A boxy little robot with a muddled colour scheme, Full-Barrel's torso and head are burgundy, his face and groin are yellow while his arms and thighs are white and his boots are light grey. The white and light grey don't really work together and there's no real theme here.

   The yellow doesn't really show his face up well - at least not on mine - since it's not applied well. The boots are huge and protrude more than I'd like. His short arms swing up, which is as much poseability as Full-Barrel gets.


   A fairly generic robot mode which smacks of lazy design holds Full-Barrel back. The truck mode is okay in the context of it being half a truck, but it's nothing special and not really enough to offset the robot mode - 3/10


Height: 2.5cm Length: 4cm Width: 3cm

   Overflow is the box at the back of the truck, a grey squarish thing with four black tyres. He's not at all a vehicle on his own, but he does make for a good rear-half combination, the possible mix and match possibilities are fun.


   Swing up the front to form the upper body, the rear becomes the boots. Again a simple transformation by Micromaster standards.

Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A grey robot with a blue torso and head, Overflow has orange on his face and waist along with white thighs. The colour theme here is a lot stronger than on Full-Barrel, even if it's not especially vibrant. The boots are big as on his partner, but Overflow has well defined feet, something Full-Barrel lacks.

   His arms swing at the shoulders and he can sit down - although latter is essentially just partially transforming him. While this isn't a fantastic robot mode, it's reasonable and a lot better than that of Full-Barrel.


   With a decent if unspectacular robot mode and a very dull vehicle mode that only works as part of a combination, Overflow doesn't hit any highs. He's more satisfying than his partner as a result of the more acceptable robot mode, but Overflow is still a mediocre toy on his own - 5/10

Length: 8cm Height: 2.5cm Width: 3cm

   A white and blue box truck similar to the solo vehicle mode of Full-Barrel, except with added length provided by Overflow. It's a decent vehicle even if the front wheels of Overflow sit awkwardly in the middle. The rear wheels of Full-Barrel now look like the back wheels of a truck cab, at least. While it's fairly unspectacular compared to most full sized Transformer semi trailers, as a combined Micromaster form it's fairly good.

   As you'd expect there's no play value here other than rolling the truck along on eight wheels. The play value really stems from the ability to mix and match the front and back halves. Unlike some of the Micromaster Combiner bases, this pair cannot plug into the front and back of the base vehicle mode.

Length: 27.5cm Height: 14.5cm Width: 12.5cm

   A large blue and white box truck which looks more a folded up spaceship than a truck - for good reason - but that's not top say it flops. The shortnose cab is royal blue with mid blue around the windows, which are holes rather than panes of glass (well, plastic). The front bumper is chrome - unusual for a Transformer in 1990 - with yellow headlights. There are eight black plastic tyres underneath and the box is a conglomeration of white panels (wings), grey blocks, a marrom block and various blue blocks. There are daredevil-esque blue and red stripes with white stars on various stickers along the sides, for a very American theme. The wing panels give the impression that this truck is carrying around folded up spaceship. Technically it is _two_ folded up spaceships, but it's close enough.

   There are black exhausts on either side of the cabin, two black guns on top and four fluorescent red missiles on top of the wing panels, all of which qualify as armaments since the exhausts can swing forward as guns. There's a cavity behind the guns on top, allowing two Micromasters to man those guns while the mid blue window section flips up to reveal a cockpit, for two more Micromasters. Or, if you don't have/want any other Micros, you could always place Full-Barrel in one location and Overflow in the other. There's a fold down loading gate at the back, which reveals storage space, for the weaponry or more Micromasters. I like the fact that this truck is able to carry extra Micromasters.

   While the folded up nature of this truck is very obvious, it still looks like a truck. It's more about play value than looks - you can use four Micros and stow a couple more, and while I haven't actually played with my Transformers in years, I still like the fact that I get some display options.


   This is the front of the truck, folded out to become a blue jet. The back of this is the truck's front while there's a single bot cockpit at the front. The wings fold down while you turn around the missiles at the tips. The exhausts sit on top as guns and the wheels fold underneath. It's a pretty good jet considering how little transformation there is here. Sure, the back is clearly a truck, but there are chrome silver thrusters on the bumper, which are clear enough as thrusters here without really being standouts in truck mode. The canopy lifts up allowing a pilot to sit in place, there's a bump on top allowing a single Micromaster (I'm using Full-Barrel there at the moment) to man the guns while two passengers can sit in the truck cab.


   A large shuttle with a long grey nose, burgundy rear and while wings tipped with red missiles. This one was the back half, and is a lot longer and bulkier than the jet. There are black windows on the front - which vaguely resembles a NASA shuttle - behind this is a cavity with two bumps for pilots. While the cockpit windows are essentially false, I like the fact that you have plenty of room for two pilots. The burgundy rear section has two posts on top allowing the jet to plug in, forming an impressive double-decker combined vehicle mode, with spots for six Micromasters. That same rear section opens up to reveal the storage area which has four bumps, allowing four Micromasters to man the four guns, which can plug into the edges of the burgundy covers. This, combined with the jet mode, gives you a total of ten spots for Micromasters - and the set only comes with two, so you've lots of room to expand.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While the Micromasters themselves are a little bland, the base they come with is versatile and fun. I wouldn't bother picking up Full-Barrel & Overflow on their own but the bases I would, since you can add a total of ten Micromasters. The two plane modes are fun, the truck is worthwhile and the combined mode is big and impressive. While this set is more of a playset than a wonder of engineering, the play value is good and the display value is also very good. One for Micromaster fans - 7/10

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