Misfire Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Misfire
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Interceptor
Alternate Mode: Futuristic Jet

Height: 7cm (8cm with Aimless mounted on top) Length: 18.5cm Width: 13cm

   Almost entirely crimson, Misfire's one of the more unmistakable Transformers. He's got a transparent canopy, two dark grey panels just behind the cockpit and some silver stickers. Oh and Decepticon ensignia on the wings. These wings are quite small, swept forward and tilted down. He has twin noses, almost like a catamaran, and small stabilisers on each side of the noses, as well as at the rear. There's no real tail, in fact, rather a large block with the stabilisers at 45 angles. On the back of the jet there are two small grey panels with dark grey rockets on them.

   So aside from being Crimson, Misfire's also got a rather distinct jet form as well. It's a nice design, certainly different. I'm not sure if it could actually muster up enough lift to stay in the air - if this was a real vehicle it'd have to be interstellar. But I'm okay with that.

   These are actually dark grey plastic pieces inside what become the robot knees. They're solely visible in jet mode. This sort of design feature scores big points with me, since they could have easily not bothered to give him any sort of obvious propulsion mechanism.

   He's got two front wheels and one rear one on his underside, although they're quite close together, meaning he doesn't roll that well. Aimless can attach just behind the canopy, adding some blue and silver, in the form of a twin ion particle blaster. He sort of hangs over the canopy, and breaks up the crimson a little. Unlike Caliburst on the ridiculously well armed Triggerhappy, Aimless adds to Misfire in this mode.

   A good plane mode, very crimson & unique. I suppose if you don't like the crimson you're not going to like it, but it's not in the style of G2 where you'd find crimson and lime on the same toy.


   Remove Aimless if attached. Fold the rear block back and over to form the robot lehgs and fold down the feet. Fold up the cockpit-nose assembly to reveal the head. Fold the arms back, lift out the fists. Attach Aimless as a handgun if you like.

Height: 16cm Width: 8cm

   Still a whole lot of crimson in this mode, but now there's more dark grey and light grey. The elbows & thighs are light grey, the feet, hands and head are dark grey. The face is painted pink and he has blue eyes. While I'm on the face, this guy has fantastic detail on his face for a toy this size. There's clear and well sculpted eyes, nose, mouth & chin. The whole head is detailed, in fact.

   Misfire has rather stocky legs, and lacks a waist, his torso is essentially a solid block. Still, he looks good, by virtue of the head and poseability. He has rotating shoulders (the joints are a little low, ie halfway down what would be his biceps), elbows, knees that bend backwards and ratcheting hips. The best part is that only the knee joints are neccesitated by the transform. He has heelspurs which compliment the poseability, and serve to make it meaningful. Aimless is a rather stocky handgun, being as short as he is wide. Not the best gun, but this is really his only downside as a robot.

   A good robot mode, poseable with attention to detail. One thing that I like is that there's really no kibble problems. He does have a large backpack in the form of the cockpit-nose assembly, but he has no stability problems and it doesn't get in the way or overwhelm the robot itself.

   Lightish blue with silver legs/barrels, Aimless is a really stocky looking Nebulan with huge shoulders. Unlike the others in this series, there's nothing to attach to make a gun. Like the others, though, his hinge is weak by design and will eventually break if you transform him a lot, so I recommend leaving him in gun mode. It's not that the robot mode is bad, but the gun mode is more useful for Misfire.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good toy, Misfire has two good modes, with few flaws. Poseable robot, interesting jet mode and attention to detail in his design are all strong points. Aimless isn't as good, but doesn't really drag down Misfire. His only real downsides are the Targetmaster (relatively speaking) and the dominance of crimson, if you're not a fan of it. 7.5/10

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