Mirage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mirage
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Counter-Intelligence
Alternate Mode: Formula 1 Racer

Height: 3cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 6cm

   A largely blue Formula 1 racing car, Mirage has a white nose, chrome silver front & rear wings, chrome engine block and black rubber tyres. The wheels are also chromed, the rear set are noticeably larger, although set higher so he's still level. Stickers on his wings read "Citanes" and "Liger", along his sides in white paint is the word "Citanes" again, as well as his number, 26. The number 26 is also on the nose in black characters, with "Liger" in red behind on the front of the cockpit.

   I really like the tyres on Mirage. They really look like the slicks track racing cars have - nice & smooth, thick and chunky. Oh, and they're Goodyear! The front axle is metal, as well as underneath the rear. I think he the only one in this series without transparent plastic for windows - since he's the only one with no windows. His cockpit looks like it can fit a Diaclone driver though. He's got a very low ground clearance, which makes sense for a F-1 racer.

   Play value is limited to rolling along on his wheels on flat surfaces. But then he's a racing car, what more do they do but low ride in circles? I suppose you can make him crash, but then you've got to source another Mirage...

   A good vehicle mode, I'm impressed by the tyres, extensive use of chrome and low riding. I suppose it looks shabby when the chrome wears, but you could do worse.


   Extend the rear section, pull the sides out, rotate the rear section 180. Stand him up, split the legs and fold the feet up. Fold the chest down, stow the front wheels on his back, position the arms, give him his shoulder missile launcher and handgun. The missile and handgun are chromed.

Height: 10cm Width: 6cm

   Still blue and white, with pretty much a combination of these colours all over. He's got black fists and some chrome silver bits (feet, shoulders, kneecaps). His got a blue face wing silver mouth & cheeks, and he has yellow eyes.

   Mirage's a pretty stocky looking guy, he's got pretty wide shoulders and big shins. His chest is the nose of the car mode, his shins the rear section. Along with the side panels on the outside of the arms, he's got lots of car bits adding to the look of his robot modes. I suppose when you're out hunting you have to look your best, except when you're invisible of course. His head is set back too far on his shoulders, but this is mainly because of the nose section on the front of his chest. It doesn't look as bad as it sounds, but it's still a flaw.

   Play value is somewhat limited. His shoulders and elbows swing, his missile shoots about an inch. I suppose his waist can twist, but that's really part of the transform. It's about standard for 1984, but the limits of his poseability are accentuated by his blockiness. I'm not sure you could ask all that much - I don't expect his invisibility powers to translate into the toy. I'd be impressed if he _could_ turn invisible, though (c8

   Still on play value, Mirage's is somewhat hampered by so much chrome. It's a good thing but means that if you play with him excessively, his paint wears. Also, the waist joint can and does snap, leaving you with two Mirage halves. The weak points drag Mirage down somewhat, unfortunately, which is a shame since he is a nice toy.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A decent toy, a few weak spots, a great car mode and a decent robot mode. There's better toys in this series, but there's worse. Mirage is a cool character, with a fair bit of exposure in the first series of the cartoon, which is reason enough to get him. A solid toy, Mirage's flaws aren't enough for me to recommend against him - 7/10

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