Mini Cybertron Sunstorm Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sunstorm
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet

Height: 3.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 8cm

   A canary yellow jet with some metallic copper paint on the wingtips and along the centre of the fuselage, Sunstorm has a black nose, black thrusters at the back of the wings and a black robot head partly visible just in front of the tail. There's a deep purple canopy painted on behind the nose and a small stamped Decepticon logo between the head and canopy. This jet is roughly an arrowhead shape with twin-finned tail that tapers to a single point, which makes this a rather warped pyramid overall. While the colours represent a significant change from those on the first Sunstorm toy (a limited release Takara toy), the roughly pyramid shape is closer to the minor cartoon appearance that figure was based on.

   This a vastly scaled down version of the original Supreme Cybertron Starscream, which is obviously rather simplified. Compared to Mini Starscream, Sunstorm is a straight colour swap, with yellow for grey and copper for red. The yellow is far brighter than the grey, but doesn't feel as cheap as the milky grey plastic of Starscream. I actually prefer Sunstorm for this reason - even if he is somewhat gaudy.

   Despite the simplification, the two weapons available on the larger Starscream toy are still available. A pearl white gun swings out from underneath the left side wing while a sword swings out from the right side. There's no mechanism here, nor any Planet Key - you simply fold the weapons out yourself - but it's nice that this toy has these two weapons. There are no wheels nor any other play value.

   A simple yellow plane that really does all it has to, in safety colours. The weaponry is good at this size, even if the paint job is not going to please everyone. If nothing else, I'm glad that Hasbro finally did something more interesting with this repaint of Starscream (after the Starscream-Thundercracker-Skywarp repainting of recent times becoming awfully predictable and boring).


   Swing out the nose to reveal the boots, flip up the nose halves to form his feet. Fold the rear down to reveal the face, rotate down the tail. Swing out the arms and flip out the forearms. This transformation scheme matches that of the larger toy (with some simplification), which makes a mockery of the idea of a Supreme Starscream. The left foot on mine seems to pop off easily, but reattaching this is easy enough.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   Again based on canary yellow, Sunstorm has black feet and a black head with a silver face. His forearms are also silver while the thighs are milky white. The colour map is a little different from Starscream now, with the thighs, weaponry and thighs changed to match the Takara toy's overall appearance a little better. There's extensive copper here, on the torso, shoulders and the wings which sit on the outside of his arms, and there's also copper on his kneecaps. There's some red paint on his grey shoulder pylons, while the Decepticon symbol is central on his chest. The colour layout is decent, although not as nice as Starscream's, since the white, yellow and black don't quite work together. The facial sculpt is pretty good for a toy of this size.

   The robot proportions are quite good, and the weapons again fold out from the wings on his arms. There are tiny holes in his fists, even though Sunstorm doesn't come with detachable weapons. The poseability is pretty good here - the head turns while the shoulders, hips and knees are ball jointed. The elbows can only swing backwards as part of the transformation while the feet can swing down, which is also part of the transformation but is useful in robot mode.

   That this robot mode is well formed with good poseability again mocks the gigantic version of this character being based on the same design. The poseability makes this a fun robot mode, while the twin weapons are useful. The colours aren't used as well as in jet mod, from an aesthetic point of view, but line up to the Sunstorm character better.


   None that I'm aware of.


   For the price this is a good little jet with decent colours and good weaponry. Sunstorm also makes a far more interesting Seeker repaint than the usual "pick another seeker name" pattern we usually see. The bright colours wont suit everyone, but I quite like them. The robot mode has great play value for such a small toy, and the play value is enough to make this worthwhile - 7/10

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