Mindwipe Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mindwipe
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Hypnotist
Alternate Mode: Robotic Bat

Height: 10.5cm Depth: 10cm Width: 10.5cm

   A mainly black bat with purple panels on his chest, a brown head and brown wings and a red central chest panel - which is transparent since it doubles as Vorath's cockpit. It's a dark and moody colour scheme for a dark and moody Decepticon. There's just enough colour here for it to work aesthetically - twin chrome silver rings on the purple panels, a rubsign (and indent) in the middle of the canopy. His eyes are blood red, which works with the whole evil hypnotist thing. It's an effective and appropriate colour scheme, although I'm not sure the dark colours are for everyone.

   This is a fairly low detail bat mode, but Mindwipe is more organic than the other Decepticon Headmasters, so I don't mind a lack of mechanical details. The front of his wings are smooth with some robotic seams, the back are sort of scaly, which is one of the main contributors to his more organic look, along with the bat head. The body itself is very boxy - almost square, and the brown tail hanging off the back is angular and fairly robotic.

   This tail is probably the weakest point of the bat mode. It angles down and prevents the bat from standing up - I've actually unscrewed the toy and flipped it over to angle up, which not only means the tail's no longer in the way, but that it can act as a third leg of sorts. I strongly recommend flipping the tail over, since otherwise it's a bit of a lame duck mode - to the extent that I suspect the factory-assembled position is a mistake, and that the designer had intended the tail to angle upwards. The tail has a set of horizontal bars near the tip, making for a somewhat anchor-like assembly, which is perfect for hanging Mindwipe from a piece of string (or whatever), and this will work no matter which way Mindwipe has been assembled.

   Other than the tail options, there's not really any play value here. The canopy fold forward to reveal the cockpit and the wings can fold back, but I'd hesitate in calling these play features. So really, the hanging tail represents Mindwipe's play value, making him a very static toy.

   Dark, static and misassembled, but Mindwipe's bat mode is visually well put together, and I like the organic elements which are so unusual for G1 beast modes. The silver circles are meant to represent some kind of hypo-speakers, and are a great visual element - helping make an unposeable bat into a nice statue.


   Fold down the bat's backpack to form his legs, flip down his toes. Rotate the sides of the bat, so his wings are on the chest of the bat - the robot's back - and turn him around. Swing the arms out to the sides, slide out his fists. Open the canopy, fold away the bat head, attach Vorath in head mode and give Mindwipe his purple gun. You're meant to fold the wings back, but you're free to leave them out as a cape (which I prefer).

Height: 16.5cm Width: 9cm

   Wing the canopy and tail now on his back, Mindwipe is now all about black and purple, and this really works for him. Unusually for the larger Headmasters, his head colour matches his primary colour - his head, torso, fists, thighs and feet are all black while the arms and lower legs are purple, along with the chestplate. There's some silver detailing on his torso, while his face is painted silver. The wings, should you choose to use them as a cape, are brown. The purple and black work well together, better than his bat mode since the red's no longer around. The two colours are well used and the brown cape contrasts with both. Again, this colour scheme is appropriate for the character, and while it might not be everyone's choice it's very well done.

   Again this mode is quite low in detail, although considering Mindwipe is about 75% black intricate detail would be lost anyway. As is is, most surfaces have some detail and most aren't easy to spot. The arms and wings have the most detail - which is appropriate (and probably deliberate) since they're not black. Mindwipe's body shape is nice - it's quite obvious the toy has been designed around the robot mode. He's stocky and powerful looking while the drooping wings work well as a Batman-esque cape.

   Probably the biggest problem with Headmasters is that without the partner, the robot is a loss. Detaching the head looks silly, although there are reasons to do so - you can have Vorath standing next to a headless Mindwipe if you like, and of course you can flip open the tech spec meter and click in the head, which will cause his specs to appear (SPD 7, STR 8, INT 6).

   Poseability is reasonable - his shoulders rotate, the hips swing and the wings can swing back and forth to sit on different angles. The shoulders ratchet so loose joints shouldn't be an issue. The hips only swing forward, allowing Mindwipe to sit down.

   The very well done colour scheme, attractive cape and well formed body mean this is a great looking robot mode. Play value isn't that great here, but then that's really what the Headmaster gimmick is all about, and he's no worse than the other Headmasters.

   Grax has a black torso and head with a silver face - just like the giant head he becomes. He has crimson arms and legs and his hips and knees bend, allowing him to sit. His shoulders also swing, making him also as poseable as Mindwipe. He has a tiny moulded nose and mouth. The colours work well, and while the crimson doesn't match either the red or purple on Mindwipe, it's not really visible in head mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   One of the better Headmasters, both modes are decent and the colours are good. I'm a big fan of the robot mode and the organic aspects of the bat mode are interesting. Better than his two teammates, and his character is quite an interesting one so this is a toy I recommend to G1 fans - 7/10

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