Megatronia Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatronia
Series: Unite Warriors
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Flowspade, Lunaclub, Megaempress, Moonheart & Trickdiamond.

Thanks to tha phantom for loaning me Megatronia for this review

Height: 29cm Width: 22cm

   Megatronia is essentially a black gestalt with each component sporting a secondary colour. Her torso & thighs has silver and a lot of hot pink while her head is black with a silver face, a blue visor over her pink eyes and a purple headdress that I can best describe as regal. The left arm has the blue of Moonheart, the right Lunaclub's salmon. Trickdiamond imparts yellow to the left leg and Flowspade lilacs to the right leg. Her add-on hands and feet are black, with some of that hot pink on her feet. It's at once a thematically consistent colour scheme and quite a wild mix of colours. Whether or not you _like_ the theme here will influence whether this colour combo sings to you. I'm not really a fan, but I get the idea - even if I'm not sue the hot pink was necessary.

   There are various mould changes compared to the original moulds of her components, but the ones that carry over to this combined mode are her chest plates and head. The head works well enough here - although the purple on her headdress appears nowhere else. The chestplates are smaller than those of Defensor, meaning the rear wheels of Megaempress' truck mode peek out. While this isn't a bad thing as such, it's worth mentioning - it may bother some. On the upside, the hands & feet aren't the dual purpose affairs we saw in Combiner Wars - the feet are true feet and her hands are delicate hands, so not as bulky.

   Typical of Combiner Wars gestalts, the limbs are quite chunky and the her arms are long - but not as bulky as on some gestalts with the relatively slender chopper mould as both arms. Her fingers are actually hinged - the index fingers on one hinge and the other three on a combined hinge. Poseability is, otherwise, what you'd expect - she has ratcheting shoulders and knees, the head turns and the elbows bend thanks to the knees of Lunaclub & Moonheart. Of course, effective poseability is limited by the broadly top-heavy nature of this combined form with two deluxes as arms. For whatever reason, the knees on this example are less stable than my own Combiner Wars gestalts.

   Megatronia's sword is a combination of the weapons of all her component's weapons - although in truth they're designed to combine into this sword. It's a colourful and impressive affair, and can plug into holes on her hands (not actually held between her digits as such). It's basic structure as such is black, while much of the hilt detailing is yellow, the blade is bright pink.

   Some other thoughts... the feet are quite pointy on the front - I suspect they were going for a women's shoe shape - the various pink and purple shades do enough to define this gestalt as female, but it's not a bad thing either. I'd rather that to giving her breasts. She's far more symmetrical than most CW/UW gestalts, due to the twin choppers on her arms & similarly cars as legs - but also do to the themed colour scheme.


   None that I'm aware of. Her components are all retools of previous Combiner Wars toys. Megatronia was only sold as a giftset.


   An interesting concept of an all-female Destron gestalt has been executed fairly well. The colour theme works well and I like her symmetry - it suits a gestalt with a colour theme like this. The individual toys mostly have some shortcomings in their retools, none that ruin the set as a whole thankfully. The new hands and feet are better than the Combiner Wars standard fare. The concept isn't for everyone, though - I don't dislike it, but it also doesn't really appeal to me. If you like the idea of this unique giftset, there's enough here for her to be enjoyable - 7/10

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