Titanium Megatron (GI Joe version) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: 6" Titaniums
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Tank

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Megatron, making this review possible.

Height: 5cm Length: 9cm Width: 7cm

   A black square with a light grey turret on the top, which sports a single grey cannon at the front and a smaller grey gun on the top right hand side. The lower half, which really simply look like the folded up robot that it is, is actually a combination of black and dark charcoal, but the overall look is black. The treads are black with some silver paint on their inner machinery at the front, while there are some metallic burgundy bits showing through, a rather crappy looking silver "M" at the front and four yellow headlights. The light grey turret is for the most part devoid of colour, with small purple stamped Decepticon logos on either side, along with five red stamped _Autobot_ logos on the sides (3 left, 2 right) - which represent kills. Geed you'd think that someone as badass as Megatron would have done more damage! At any rate, the tattoo-tear like Autobot badges are easily the most interesting aspect of an otherwise boring colour scheme. On the upside, most of what we see here is die-cast metal. The weaponry and the front of the lower portion are plastic, everything else is metal.

   This tank is very boxy yet doesn't manage to hold together well. sides tend to sag outwards under his weight or simply unclip - they're pegged in but the pegs can't really support his weight. They actually attach at the front, however the attachment is via small plastic clips that are so inadequate it's not funny. These things are tiny yet are somehow supposed to support over a pound of metal. The turret is fixed, and if you do try to move it, all you'll succeed in doing is lifting the fists out from the back, aiming the cannon at the the ground in front of him. Or, the turret will split in the middle and the cannon will flop around. Wee!

   I remember a time when Transformers toy technology didn't allow for much in the way of articulation. Brawl, Warpath and Blitzwing, the first three Transformers tanks, all had rotating turrets - and Blitzwing even managed to transform into a MIG. This guy's turret is fixed and can't even hold together. Aside from that, the cannon does lift up 90, the roof gun can rotate through 360. There are four small black wheels hidden under the treads, and he'll roll on some, slide on others. Which isn't bad considering the weight bearing down the poor little things. It's hard to not be critical of this level of play value. Whilst Megatron (along with WW Prime) was the first attempt at this concept, there's no good reason why the turret is so flimsy - and with a little more work, it could even be on rotator.

   It's not a good tank mode, although at least the paint job is well applied, unlike Optimus Prime in the same assortment. It's quite cheesy, yet the colour are still really dull, which is an odd paradox really. The level of detail is good, but then in these colours and with engineering of this quality, that doesn't count for a whole lot.


   Unclip the sides and swing them forward to form legs, clip the groin together. That's assuming the sides are clipped in, of course. Flip up his feet, fold down the plastic plate underneath the turret (which exists purely to anchor his fists, making sure the turret doesn't turn), split the turret (again, assuming it's actually staying together), fold down to the sides to form arms and revealing the head. Extend the forearms, rotate and fold down his fists. Position the weapons now on his shoulders are you're done.

Height: 16cm Width: 8.5cm

   Well, the colours are a little more interesting - although not that much more. His buckethead and chest are grey, his face is silver with red eyes. The waist, groin, hands and feet are black while the legs are charcoal. The thighs are actually burgundy, but painted grey at the front - the burgundy, which is probably the nicest colour Megatron has on him - is never more than on the fringes, sadly. The forearms are a deep magenta which is meant to line up to the burgundy paint I suspect - although it doesn't. The upper arms are grey with now sideways Decepticon logos, the right shoulder has the roof gun and the left the main cannon. While it's not a bad colour scheme, it's just not interesting. Too dark, with only random grey on his upper arms. The burgundy would have looked so good, but instead Megatron is shades of desaturation.

   Again he's mainly die-cast, with only the head, guns, forearms, fists, groin and feet being plastic. The paint was on his chest - which does feature a right-way-up Decepticon logo does make good use of the metal, even if it deprives us of burgundy. The face is detailed but not quite sculpted right - the buckethead tells us that this could be Megatron, but the face could be anyone. The detailing is again quite good - with the same proviso that the dark colours don't bring the detail out well.

   There's very little play value here, unless you count trying to keep the groin pegged together. The head turns with far more effort required that I'm comfortable with (especially on borrowed toy!) while the ball jointed shoulders and elbows are floppy. His wrists are also ball jointed, but effectively only move for transformation. His hips swing forward and the knees hinge back about 15 while the feet don't offer anything and there no heelspurs. There are _no_ meaningful poses here, and lifting him up to test this will cause the groin to crumble, and if you're lucky, one of the legs will fall off. It's not often you find a toy with eleven points of articulation but no meaningful poseability! He comes with a stand, but it wont help Megatron stand up.

   Bleh. Megatron has a dull colour scheme that fails to utilise the one colour would could make it cool. There's a good sculpt which manages to mess up the tribute in his face - although he does still have the buckethead. The articulation is almost entirely useless since joints are either too tight, too loose or too restricted. Adding the fact that his groin falls apart like a house of cards, this is a bad robot mode. It stands there looking grey, and that's about it.


   None that I'm aware of.


   The 6" Titanium line offered some great promise - and some really nice figures, but Megatron is probably the worst start you could hope for. The tank is an unstable block, but it's a fortress compared to the robot mode. The colours are dull, and while the job and sculpt are good, he never really manages to look interesting. Whilst marrying die-cast metal and play value is never an easy task, most of the Titaniums do a decent job. Megatron ends up with almost no play value, the things that move are either too loose, too tight, not meant to move, or too unstable. I'm unimpressed that the turret falls apart yet does not rotate. Avoid this figure - 1/10

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