Mega Dinobot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mega Dinobot
Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: None, a combination of Swoop and Grimlock

Height: 22cm Length: 26cm Width: 10cm

   A grey robot with black and blue legs, Mega Dinobot has some red and yellow highlights including a yellow face with red eyes. The colour scheme is simply a fusion of the colour schemes of his two halves, which share the black and grey plastics (although most of the top half is Grimlock's darker grey plastic, not his lighter grey, which matches that of Swoop). There is a red Autobot symbol stamped onto his chest, which is the top of Grimlock's T-Rex head. Grimlock's tail halves form wings.

   This is a spectacularly unsuccessful fusion. The bottom half is little more than Swoop with his head tucked away while the top half is Grimlock's beast mode opened up. And Mega Dinobot looks very disjointed as a result. The connection between the two is loose and while Swoop's wings are meant to reinforce this weak joint they don't help at all, since they simply rest behind Grimlock rather than attaching to him. The connection is so feeble that you'll have trouble finding it if you're not using the instructions, and the instructions are pathetic - they simply tell you to attach the two toys.

   And then there's the name. What the hell is a Mega Dinobot? It's not like Hasbro couldn't use the name Dinobot - they've registered the trademark. If you're going to make a sucky figure, you need something cool to back it up. If you can't get Simon Furman to write a kickass character (about eight Marvel comics characters spring to mind), at least put some effort into the name. Mega Dinobot? Sheesh.

   Poseability is theoretically pretty good - Grimlock's arms are quite poseable and Swoop's legs likewise. Mega Dinobot even gets a larger set of feet for anchoring. But then you try to move something and the toy splits into two.



   None that I'm aware of.


   If you're going to buy this two pack, do it because the two components are solid toys and great G1 homages. Do not buy it for Mega Dinobot, because he sucks. Seriously, Monstructor is more rewarding. The name is crap, the toy is crap. But hey, Swoop is really nice and Grimlock is a great tribute - 2/10 for Mega Dinobot and 7/10 for the two pack as two standalone toys that you don't combine

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