Cheetor (Beast Machines Mega) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cheetor
Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Cheetah

Height: 10cm Length: 25cm Width: 12cm

   As you may guess, Cheetor turns into a yellow cheetah. It's a "technorganic" cheetah, with dark blue splotches instead of spots, transparent green detailing and dark blue claws. His head is chromed gold with a transparent pink section on top, allowing for light piping in his eyes. His lower jaw is flat yellow, and he has a pink Maxinmal ensignia on his left rear hip. There's also a spark crystal on his front right hip.

   Cheetor looks more like an abused coathanger than a big cat. His trunk and legs are spindly, and his truck is too short compared to his legs for a cheetah. His tail is quite long, although it tapers to a point rather than having a tuft of hair at the end.

   In theory this is a very poseable mode, but in practise it doesn't work out quite as you'd think. His head & heck turn, and his lower jaw is jointed, but the lower jaw is loose and invariably flops open. The hips, knees and ankles on all four legs are joints, but since the front left leg has a spring gimmick in it, you have to get it right or he falls over. His feet are poseable, however, and this _does_ help. There are two joints in the tail, also, allowing for tail posing. Lastly, he has a waist with two hinges in it, but again they're loose and he tends to sag, which can cause his legs to splay out and then he collapses under his own weight.

   Despite the poseability, I'm not sold on this mode. Aside from the fact that there's too much going on in the colour scheme (yellow, gold, blue, green & pink), it doesn't look like a cheetah, rather some strange attempt at one. Plus he's unstable, negating most of the poseability that's the upside of this mode.


   Remove the tail. Fold down the hindlegs, extend the feet and fold down the heelspurs. Rotate the front half, lift out the belly, flip out the robot head and slide the beast head into his chest. Rotate his chest down and slide the groin and torso together. Position his arms, attach his weapon to his right hand. Then you'll spend at least 5 minutes trying to get this thing to stand.

Height: 21cm Width: 9cm

   Again largely yellow although now with a gold chest and head. He has a yellow face and pink eyes with the light pipe again. There's more green in this mode, as well as the navy blue claws and some blue spots on his shoulders and thighs. His hands & feet are the beast mode feet, so he has claws on all of his limbs. He's _very_ tall and lanky - there's not really much bulk at all, it's all height.

   I write this with Cheetor lying down on the desk, since he's pretty much impossible to stand up. While his beast mode hind legs work with the cat-like double joint (ie ankle half way up the limb), it ruins this mode. He's essentially got two sets of knees, the lower ones bent the _wrong way_. This z-shape means his torso - and centre of gravity - is not over his feet. The heelspurs are useless since they'd help prevent him falling backwards and he's really not in much danger of that.

   Cheetor's legs are disproportionately long, and his arms are too, although to a lesser extent. The pink ensignia is on his left hip and the pink spark crystal on his left shoulder. He has a tab on his right shoulder, pushing it out causes his forearm to swing inwards towards his body. It's spring loaded and springs back into place. I'm not really sure why they bothered with this - it's meant to give him a slashing action but he has trouble holding onto the whip/sword formed from his tail. It also causes stability issues in cat mode. I'm not against the idea as such, but it's unimpressive and works against him.

   His face looks somewhat reminiscent of a monkey for some reason, and looks nothing like previous Cheetors. The lower jaw is a separate piece and can open and close slightly.

   As with the beast mode, this is a very poseable robot mode. His waist, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball joints, and he has swivel joints in his ankles, wrists and neck. So you can put him in a variety of action poses, none of which are stable.

   The beast mode has problems, but this mode is even worse. Standing it up is almost impossible, the gimmick doesn’t work and he has trouble holding his weapon. It's also ugly - the gold and yellow do not work well together. But at least he has light piping in his eyes, I guess.


   None that I'm aware of, although this same basic design was replicated for Supreme Cheetor.


   I usually like to try and be somewhat positive about toys when I review them, but I'm struggling here. This really is a toy that should never have gotten past the prototype stage. I get the feeling Hasbro were more interested in the concept than the execution - and it's a pretty flawed concept, in truth. They went to the trouble to make him poseable without bothering to make sure he can even stand up. Add to this a bad colour scheme, a gimmick that doesn't impress and an ugly robot mode and you're left with very little to rave about. What amazes me is that both Beast Wars Cheetor and Transmetal Cheetor are so much better. If you want to get a Beast Machines Cheetor, Night Slash Cheetor is a lot better. It still has the double knee thing happening, but it's able to stand up. I recommend you avoid this toy - 1/10

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