Meanstreak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Meanstreak
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Street Fighter
Alternate Mode: Dragster

Thanks to i_amtrunks for lending me Meanstreak for this review.

Height: 4cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 1.5cm

   A blue dragster with some white at the front, yellow on the fenders, hot pink windows and black tyres, Meanstreak has white rear wheels and checkered flag themed stickers on his doors. He's what you'd call a "funny car" - a deformed Dragster with a small front that tapers up to a huge rear section. The front tyres are small (and false) while the rear tyres are large and rubberised. There are black guns which plug into the spoiler. The colours are... typical G2. They're bright and slightly gaudy, but the blue and yellow work fine, really. The pink really needed to be something more subtle.

   The door stickers state "MEANSTREAK", TRANSFORMERS", "ROBOTS IN DISGUISE" and "PM3". It's hard to actually be a robot in disguise with all that on your door, of course. For good measure there are Decepticon logos there as well. On his windshield he has a yellow stamped Autobot logo with "AUTOBOT" in yellow next to that". Why an Autobot needs Decepticon logos on his doors is beyond me - but at least it lends some credibility to the disguise claim on his doors!

   The detail here is pretty low, most of it is on the stickers. Still, he's a very well defined funny car, and it's not the sort of vehicle that needs detail. There is a plain blue block on the sloping hood, which is probably the laziest engine block you'll ever see on a Transformer. The yellow pieces on the fenders are pretty obvious hinges while there are blue tabs on the back at the bottom which look like heelspurs, but aren't. These aspects hurt a little visually, but don't ruin the funny car.

   As a G2 Powermaster, Meanstreak's play value centres on a pull back motor. Both the rear tyres and front wheels are on axles. The front wheels are actually yellow plastic affairs hidden under the bonnet, concentric with the false ones. If you pull back the car without the guns in place, he won't roll forward. However if you insert the guns - well, the left one, actually - the wound up spring will release and Meanstreak will zip across the floor.

   While this is a limited dragster mode, it does what it set out to do. He looks like a dragster and the gimmick works very well. The stickers... suck and whoever decided on pink needs some lessons in aesthetics - but these aren't any better or worse than many other G2 toys. I do like the fact that he has an unusual alt mode, so while I'm not a huge fan of it, this is a vehicle mode with some merit.


   Extend the front, split the hood and flip up the cabin and front - that's it. You can leave the guns in his spoiler or place them in Meanstreak's hands.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 9cm

   A yellow and blue robot with a low detail pink face, Meanstreak's torso, head, legs and shoulders are yellow while the feet, arms and the outsides of his torso are blue. The colours are a lot better here, and they remind me of Nightbeat despite being a darker blue. They're not really typical G2, which is a good thing. There are no allegiance symbols here, but hey, no Decepticon symbols!

   As with most pullback Transformers - and especially the G2 Powermasters - the bodyshape here is terrible. The legs are a yellow stalk and the feet are a single block with very subtle raised sections on front to simulate feet. The arms are arms, but they're short and kibbly. Those heelspurs I mentioned are really just heels, and Meanstreak rests on the while standing - since the tyres are on the table.

   The gimmick is still available, and the heelspurs drag along behind his tyres, making sure he doesn't overbalance when you release him. Again you need to insert a gun on the left to release him, which means the other gun is free to sit in either hand. There is no poseability here.

   A very simple robot mode with a very poor shape. The colours work here, which is good to see and he no longer wears Decepticon logos. The gimmick is again available - again it's successful. As poor as this robot mode is, the gimmick and colours at least work.


   None thankfully, although along with the other G2 Powermasters, Meanstreak was not sold in North America. In Australia they sold with full tech specs (and the cards listed Hasbro's Rhode Island address) while in Europe they had single line bios (and listed Hasbro's Welsh address).


   A pretty poor toy, really, but I do like the fact that Meanstreak transforms into a vehicle we don't see much of in Transformers. The colours should work well but the pink just screws up the dragster mode. The robot mode shape is abysmal but the colours work. The gimmick is good, but if you like the pullback idea, I'd recommend the more inventive Bulletbike. He's not the worst of the set - Staxx manages top out-crap him, but Meanstreak is a very limited toy - 1.5/10

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