Micron Booster Series 2 Toy Review

Individual Review

A group of twelve random packed Microns (Minicons), consisting of a set of Emergency Team repaints, a set of Air Military Team repaints, a repainted Energon Perceptor set and three repaints of Thunderclash, sold in Japan under the Superlink umbrella. I'm really going to comment on the individual figures here, for more detail see reviews of the originals (which I link to).

Thanks to Excelon Zero for loaning me half the assortment for the purposes of this review.

#1: Saber
Repaint of: Thunderclash
Chase Figure

A good repaint of a nice Minicon, Saber's colours are a vast improvement on those of Thunderclash. The grey is replaced with chromed blue while the purple wingtips and arms are flat blue. The black nose/chest is now orange, along with his face. The chrome really helps Saber stand out from the crowd, and it makes sense that this is the chase figure (ironically, he was the first one I got, by chance). I haven't played with him enough to know how good the chrome paint is, but assuming it's reasonably solid then this is a great little repaint.

#2: Processor
Repaint of: Thunderclash

A red and black repaint of Thunderclash with yellow paint on the nose. Processor's colours are an improvement on those of Thunderclash but the red doesn't quite sit right with me, the colour just makes the plastic feel a little cheap. Still, it's not as bright as the crimson on Triac, which will please some. A nice repaint all told, since the red is much more interesting than grey.

#3: Triac
Repaint of: Thunderclash

A crimson repaint of Thunderclash with white wingtips and arms, Triac has yellow where Thunderclash was black. He's very bright, without quite managing to be an eyesore. Contrasts sharply with the original, and is bright enough to only really work as a limited repaint. He doesn't really photograph too well, the photos I took all came out much pinker than the toy actually is. Not as nice as Saber but more interesting that Thunderclash (who has rather bland colours). Wouldn't be my first choice if I could only grab one of this set, but I don't dislike him either. I love the name, it's original and works well.

#4: Effect
Repaint of: Gunbarrel

A mid blue repaint of Gunbarrel with light blue on his wings. The lively colours couldn't be more different from those of Gunbarrel, which is what you want from a repaint like this. The blues work well together and make this bomber look almost cheerful. Robot mode adds white arms and a white head, black thighs and some gold paint on his chest and face. The robot mode isn't quite as nice as his bomber mode, but Effect still does a good job of differentiating himself from Gunbarrel. His six-barreled gun mode looks strange since five barrels are mid blue and one is painted silver, but otherwise this is a nice repaint, and the deficiencies of the mould aren't enough to hold him back.

#5: Seeker
Repaint of: Thunderwing

A blue and red repaint, with a nifty G1 inspired name. Seeker's main colour is a nice mid blue, with some red trim on his wings and tailfins. The nose is made of a soft white plastic, which seems to be fairly weak, since the nose on the one I'm reviewing is broken, and it's owner has no recollection of breaking it (he may just be absent-minded, of course). Robot mode reveals a white head with orange paint and red boots and forearms, and looks very gaudy. It's a shame because the jet mode colour scheme is promising, but this robot mode really makes Seeker a bad repaint.

#6: Blitz
Repaint of: Terradive

A white and red repaint of Terradive with some lilac paint on the nose and black landing gear. As odd as white and red on a spyplane might sound, for a Micron Booster the colours work really well. The colours naturally go together and contrast markedly with those of Terradive. The robot mode is mainly white with red on his chest, black thighs and a lilac face. There's some lilac paint on his shoulders, annoyingly mine was missing the paint on his right shoulder (I've striped away the left shoulder's paint for consistency, and he still looks good). As limited repaint, Blitz is a great idea, and is one of my favourites in this set - mind you, I like the mould already.

#7: Cluster
Repaint of: Firebot

An olive green and white repaint with transparent green instead of blue, Cluster has yellow paint apps, including his missiletips. This is a great repaint and while the green might seem odd for a fire truck, it would make sense on a military base and works really well for his missile rack mode. The transparent green works better for me that the blue did, the name rocks and is infinitely better than the original had. Along with Triac and Saber, was one of the first I got, and I was very happy with Cluster.

#8: Rotor
Repaint of: Makeshift

A white repaint with the same transparent green that Cluster sports, and this green works well for Rotor, especially in the robot mode (which I love). The cockpit is painted a light grey, which is ridiculously easy to miss - I like the fact that they bothered to do this. Note that it's "Rotor" without a stupid hyphen. Another nice repaint in a good group of repaints.

#9: Groove
Repaint of: Prowl

A white and transparent green repaint, whose pretty much Prowl with green swapped for blue. The wheels and bumper are solid forest green rather than black, and just as on Prowl, a transparent police car looks weird. The strobes on his roof are blue, the headlights yellow and the windows silver. The face is white with blue eyes and a black mouth, and doesn't fit with the transparent green at all, but then a transparent green robot's only going to look mediocre at best. This is a bad mould, so my hopes were never too high for this guy - he really needed solid colours to be any sort of improvement.

#10: Brake
Repaint of: High Wire

A grey and black repaint with a white saddle and front fender, there's some purple on top which ends up on his feet. Frankly, grey, white and black is pretty uninspiring, although it makes sense for the bike mode. The robot face is an unpainted grey plastic affair, and since the mould has only a mouthplate and eyestrip, the robot mode isn't as nice as it should be. Still kinda nifty, Brake's Minicon symbol (on the front fender) is painted yellow with a cool purple shadow around it.

#11: Damper
Repaint of: Sureshock

A claret, grey and black repaint with black tyres, pink seat and front. The colours look surprisingly good on the buggy mode and still quite good in robot mode, although pink bug eyes on a claret head is a little strange. With handlebars on the hips and tyres as feet, Damper's robot mode is pretty limited, but this is about as much as I could hope for in a repaint like this. Probably the best of the three combining toys in this set, both in terms of mould and repaint.

#12: Filter
Repaint of: Grindor

A claret, purple and grey repaint, and while I don't have Grindor these colours work surprisingly well (and the robot mode looks more natural Grindor from pictures, a blue figure with red feet. There's a _lot_ of paint on this guy, all over his chest and the top of the hovercraft mode. This is also the case on Grindor, the hovercraft mode needs it to avoid looking like a lump. Not my favourite of this set, but that's mainly because the mould on it's own is pretty weak. As a repaint I can't complain.

Repaint of: Perceptor

A gestalt comprising Brake, Damper and Filter. A mixture of claret, pink, purple, black, grey and white with purple concentrated on the legs and white at the top. There are too many colours, but the pink, purple and claret all sort or work together making sure Frenzy isn't a mess. With no red nor blue, the debate isn't solved here. His face is silver on a claret head with a purple eyestrip, and there are lots of vehicle bits on this robot. I can't say I love this colour scheme but then I don't really like the figure anyway. It works well enough as a repaint, but since the assortment is random packed, this could be a very expensive combiner.


   Toys 1-4 and 6-8 are interesting repaints of good Minicons while 10-12 combine to form a larger toy, so 10/12ths of this assortment are worthwhile moulds. Toy #5 has a good jet mode but bad robot mode colours while toy #9 is a (still transparent) repaint of the disappointing Prowl, and is the weakest link here as a result. Being random packed, what you end up with is luck of the draw, so I wouldn't recommend grabbing some of these guys unless you like the look of most of them. Luckily most of these guys are _good_ repaints, and on novelty value alone you might want to grab one or two. I'm not sure how rare Saber is, but he's probably the highlight of the group. If you can find them at non-scalper prices, I'd recommend this assortment if you like Minicons

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