Micron Booster Series 0 Toy Review

Individual Review

This first wave of Micron Boosters only contained eight figures, and six of those were variants of the Air Defence and Race teams with slightly metallic paints. I'm not going to go into any more details on the already released toys, instead this review will focus on Atlas and Rod, the two new figures

Thanks to Excelon Zero for loaning me Atlas & Rod for the purposes of this review.

Repaint of: Sparkplug

An attractive repaint of a good MiniCon, Atlas swaps Sparkplug's yellow for blue while the grey plastic is quite similar. The windows in car mode are dark grey. While Sparkplug reminds me of Bumblebee, Atlas reminds me of Freeway, which I guess connects through the Throttlebot concept. The blue and grey work well together, so Atlas is a nice little booster. Granted the overall effect is quite similar to Sparkplug since the paint mask is the same (down to the silver face), but the blue is sufficiently different to yellow.

Repaint of: Sparkplug

Like Atlas, Rod is a good repaint, swapping the yellow of Sparkplug for red this time. The grey is again similar and the dark grey windows match those of Atlas. The name alludes to Hot Rod (Rodimus in Japan), but there's not much Hot Rod here. Still, red and grey work well together, so Rod is a nice repaint, despite being quite similar to both Sparkplug and Atlas.


   As with the other Micron Boosters, this wave is random packed, and that works against a set where six of the eight are more or less reissues of Armada MiniCons. Both Atlas and Rod are good repaints, but I don't know that I can really recommend buying the whole thing for two new figures. Certainly if you come across the two new characters, I'd recommend them to MiniCon fans - if you can find them.

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