Transformer Toy Reviews - Masterpiece


I've used the Japanese ordering here, with Hasbro versions - where markedly different - noted. I'm not listing all crossover editions of Convoy separately.

MP-1 Convoy (20th Anniversary Optimus Prime>)
MP-1B Black Convoy
MP-2 Ultra Magnus
MP-3 Masterpiece Starscream (Hasbro version)
MP-3G Ghost Starscream
MP-4 Convoy (with trailer)
MP-4S Sleep Mode Convoy (with trailer)
MP-5 Megatron
MP-5G 30th Anniversary Megatron
MP-6 Skywarp
MP-7 Thundercracker

MP-8 Grimlock
MP-8X King Grimlock
MP-9 Rodimus Convoy (Hasbro Rodimus Prime)
MP-9B Black Rodimus Convoy
MP-10 Convoy
MP-10B Black Convoy
MP-11 Coronation Starscream
MP-11A Acid Storm
MP-11S Sunstorm
MP-11SW Skywarp
MP-11ST Thundercracker
MP-11NR Ramjet
MP-11NT Thrust
MP-11NR Dirge
MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe)
MP-12+ Lambor (Anime edition)
MP-12G G2 Lambor (G2 Sideswipe)
MP-12T Tigertrack
MP-13 Soundwave & Condor (Hasbro version with 5 cassettes)
MP-13B Soundblaster & Ratbat
MP-14 Alert (Red Alert)
MP-14+ Alert (Anime edition)
MP-14C Clampdown
MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar
MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw
MP-15/16E Enemy, Nightstalker, Stripes & Wingthing
MP-17 Prowl
MP-17+ Prowl (Anime Edition)
MP-18 Streak (Bluestreak)
MP-18+ Streak (Anime Edition)
MP-18S Silverstreak (Bluestreak, toy colours)
MP-19 Smokescreen
MP-19+ Smokescreen (Anime Edition)
MP-20 Wheeljack
MP-20+ Wheeljack (Anime Edition)
MP-21 Bumble (Bumblebee)
MP-21R Red Bumble (Bumblebee)
MP-22 Ultra Magnus
MP-23 Exhaust
MP-24 Star Saber
MP-25 Tracks
MP-25L Loudpedal
MP-26 Road Rage
MP-27 Ironhide
MP-28 Hot Rodimus
MP-29 Laserwave
MP-29+ Laserwave (Toy colours)
MP-30 Ratchet
MP-31 Delta Magnus
MP-32 Beast Wars Convoy (Optimus Primal)
MP-33 Inferno
MP-34 Cheetus (Cheetor)
MP-34S Shadow Panther
MP-35 Grapple
MP-36 Megatron
MP-36+ Megatron (Toy colours)
MP-37 Artfire
MP-38 Convoy (Optimus Primal)
MP-38+ Convoy (Burning edition)
MP-39 Sunstreaker
MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus
MP-41 Dinobot
MP-42 Cordon
MP-44 Convoy
MP-45 Bumble (Cartoon accurate Bumblebee)
MP-46 Black Widow (Blackarachnia)
MP-47 Hound
MP-48 Lio Convoy
MP-49 Black Convoy
MP-50 Tigatron
MP-51 Arcee

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