Mainframe Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mainframe
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Systems Analyst
Alt Mode: None (was a computer of some sort)

Height: 9.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   A mix of red, blue and silver, Mainframe has a blue chest, silver forearms, head and groin with red limbs. His face has a simple pale orange eyestrip and blue mouthplate. The centre of his chest has a silver door similar to those of Soundwave and Blaster, suggestive of the large magnetic tape spools that were common forms of data storage on older mainframes (if nothing else, his name is certainly fitting). The colours combine well, even the orange, since it's muted and used sparingly.

   Other than the tape door on his chest, there aren't really any other details that define the alt mode, but that's enough to suggest his alt mode. There are some fairly generic details on the toy, and some nice blue paint apps on his red boots. There's an Autobot logo sticker on the chest and while his face is simple it would fit right into the G1 cartoon, giving Mainframe a real old-school character feel, considering that he's _not_ based on an existing character. If you didn't know better you might think he's based on a cartoon era toy. The overall shape of his limbs also how Transformers were drawn by Sunbow, and this strong cartoon character feel appeals to me.

   Poseability is the same as every other Actionmaster - head turns, arms rotate and legs have G.I. Joe poseability (fully poseable hips, knees bend 90 degrees). His handgun is blue and this shade actually matches the blue on the robot itself, which makes the gun feel far more natural than many Actionmaster handguns.


   A blue backpack and fluorescent yellow 70s style robot with yellow treads in place of feet and yellow claws on his arms. While the colours don't quite match those of Mainframe, the theme does, making this a great pairing. The yellow isn't fantastic, but it easily beats the bright orange of some partners. He has a simple face fitting the 70s theme and detailed treads (although this doesn't dome out that well on bright yellow plastic).

   Push-Button's gun mode is formed by flipping up his yellow mouth to form the length of the gun, with the handgun plugging into the end, while the feet flip back to form the stock with the arms swinging up and back. As with most Actionmaster guns, it's too frontheavy to be held, but I don't really mind since he compliments Mainframe better as a droid sidekick. There are two holes on the outside of either tread for mounting the handgun.


   None that I know of.


   One of my favourite Actionmasters, Mainframe hints at something we've never seen from a Transformer - a computer alt mode. Indeed, household item G1 alt modes proved rare and it's been pretty much vehicles and animals ever since. Mainframe has a retro feel about him and his nifty little sidekick, Push-Button, comes along for the ride. While this isn't the most detailed Actionmaster, the concept is cool and the execution is spot-on. Recommended for fans of Actionmasters - 8/10

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