Lunaclub Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Lunaclub
Series: Unite Warriors
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Helicopter

Thanks to tha phantom for loaning me Lunaclub for this review

Height: 5cm Length: 17cm Width: 6cm (rotorspan is 17cm)

   A long, narrow black and salmon pink helicopter, Lunaclub is an asymmetrical mix of these two colours - she's a patchwork of both. The only real theme to this mix is that her mould mate Moonheart has her own patchwork in a mirror image of Lunaclub's. The salmon and black is quite striking - they really do contrast with each other, though I don't really like the unusual patchwork of colours (it's just not even remotely realistic). Her windows and rear rotor are painted silver and there are Destron logos stamped on the stabiliser fins on her tail. It's a very unusual looking chopper mode, which very much sets her apart from the other versions of this mould, at least.

   While this mould has its detractors, the chopper mode is nice enough in itself. It's well sculpted, although this is slightly lost amongst her colour blocking. The missilepods on Blades etc have been resculpted... and while the small stabilisers which have been added look pretty nice, the visible fists do not... if anything it's a regression. There are no wheels underneath but she'll happily sit flat on the table. The black rotors spin freely, giving her some play value. Her pink handheld weapon isn't any use here, but like the previous versions of the mould, you can plug the foot of Megatronia in underneath as a sort of stand - which is actually a worthwhile option.

   A decent chopper mode overall, but the lack of landing gear is a flaw, no doubt. The colour scheme is... weird... but then the Megatronia set wasn't going for realism. I really don't like the resculpted and now visible hands - more than anything else these kinda ruin this mode for me.


   Unclip the base of the rotors and lift them back. Unclip and lift up the roof of the cockpit. Split the cockpit itself and rotate the halves around to the sides, they tab in place. Unclip and swing down the bottom of the front, unclip the top and pivot forward to form her boots - sling the bottom half back in to form her calves. Unclipping that top half can be tricky - as can clipping in when going to chopper mode. Split the boots rotate the waist. Unclip the arms on her sides. Swing the rotors back down, pivot the tail section up and clip down onto his back, fold the blades up so they're loosely held in place by the vertical stabilisers. Rotate the tail fin & his head. Give her the pink slashing weapon.

Height: 16cm Width: ~6cm (depending on pose)

   A largely black robot with salmon on her upper arms, thighs and feet. Lunaclub has a seemingly random outburst of blue on her right chest - it matches a blue outburst on Moonheart's left chest. There's a Destron logo on the left side of her chest along with some silver on her midriff and face. She has a total resculpted head and red eyes. The colour scheme comes into its own here; there's not as much asymmetry and the general placement of the colours feels less messy. The blue patch on her chest works better than the opposing salmon on Moonheart's. They mirror each other nicely, of course.

   Lunaclub has a good sculpt and while the odd colour placement leaks over to her robot mode, it's clear thought went into it - it extends to the section underneath the combiner peg on her torso. She has a nicely detailed head and fairly intricately detailed hands. The small fins on the outsides of her arms again look good - in fact this is a good looking robot mode, overall.

   Poseability is fairly standard for Combiner Wars. Ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. Her elbows and knees have hinges and rotators, with ratchets in the elbows. The feet are fixed in that slightly-spread pose. Her wrists don't move but the waist rotates and the toes can hinge down.

   A decent robot mode, and the unusual colour scheme works much better than in her chopper mode. Lunaclub has good poseability and a nice sculpt. There's more backpack junk than I'd like to see however. Lunaclub looks good in these colours, which suit a female Decepticon (well, Destron) well for me.


   She shares the mould - and concept - with Moonheart, as mentioned. Alpha Bravo, Vortex and Hepter all share the original version of the mould, with missilepods. Skyburst, Stormclash, TFSS Spinister, also share the mould, with different headsculpts again. As mentioned, she was sold as part of the Megatronia giftset.


   I like this mould, despite the backpack kibble in robot mode and the lack of landing gear. The resculpted head is nice, but I don't know why they gave Lunaclub visible hands in chopper mode. The colours used are good... though I don't like the awfully random feel of the colour placement in chopper mode - there's just no hint of realism, which I would be fine with if she had a Cybertronian alt mode. On the other hand, Lunaclub is sold as a part of a set that carries a "black and colour" theme, so the colours do play into that, and I feel they're successful in what the designer was going for here. For me, that theme isn't enough to offset her issues, however - while she gets the nod over Moonheart, the addition of hands in chopper mode just doesn't work - 6/10

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