ROTF Legends Springer Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Springer
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Osprey Helicopter

Height: cm Length: cm Width: cm

   An army green plane with dark grey rotorpods on either wing and dark grey tailfins on either side, Springer has a dark orange painted on his cockpit windows as well as a gunmetal registration number across the wings, "5PR1 N63R" (Springer). The wingtips are also dark grey along with the forwards facing rotors themselves. There are orange lights on the front edges of the wings and a gunmetal Autobot logo on the nose, which is very hard to discern. The colour scheme is fairly muted overall, although the orange lights stand out. The green plastic has a very slight metallic sheen to it and there are black pontoon like outriggers on the bottom. Aside from the brighter orange, it's a decent colour scheme, even if the actual Ospreys aren't green

   Springer is not an actual Osprey, rather a similar vehicle designed to look like one without worrying about licensing. If anything I'd say he's inspired by Incinerator, although the colours are vastly different. It's a decent plane-shaped vehicle, and while the rotors can lift up for the helicopter configuration Ospreys are known for, doing so reveals the robot hands. There are no wheels underneath, although the robot feet underneath the tail resemble runners, which actually helps conceal this particular element of robot kibble. The rotors have four blades each and spin, although

   A decent little chopper mode, even if it's not quite an Osprey. The metallic sheen is a nice touch at this level, and the name hidden in his registration number is cool. The wingtips tend to swing out (which is for the transformation) and the orange lights don't fit the dull colours, but it's a well painted Legends toy, so this is a good vehicle mode.



Fold the wings down to the sides to form his arms, swing the wingtips down to form the forearms, swing back the rotors to reveal the hands. Swing down the tail and split to form his legs, fold up the feet. Fold down the nose to form his groin and you're done.
Height: cm Width: cm

   An army green robot with dark grey feet and forearms, Springer has the dark orange cockpit windows on his chest and the gunmetal Autobot logo on his groin. His eyes are red and his mouthpiece a matte black, similar to the black now on his thighs. The orange lights are now on his arms, but they look better here since they're joined by an orange crest on his head. The colours are nice again, and the brighter colours offset the dull colours well without overwhelming him. Again the Autobot logo is difficult to discern.

   The robot shape is pretty good here, although the arms can't straighten out completely. The rotors sit on the outside of his wrists and make for a nice feature rather than awkward kibble. I'm impressed with the use of wings as arms - there's just not much kibble here. The only real kibble Springer has here is the tailfins sitting on the outside of his ankles. Springer's poseability is very limited - his elbows can swing from 45 up to 90 and his arms can lift out to the sides, although both of these are part of the transformation. His hips are restricted ball joints and while he has heelspurs, the lack of knee joints means his leg poseability is almost non existent.

   A good robot mode with good colours and amazingly little kibble. Springer's poseability is his main shortcoming, but then it's not what I'd call disappointing at this level.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good Legends toy with good colours aside from the orange lights in vehicle mode, Springer's modes are both well done with generous paint and good shape. The play value is very limited but that's to be expected at a Legends level. The main drawback here is the simple fact that, unlike every other movie Legends toy to this point, Springer does not appear on the silver screen. Still, for the price you'll pay, he's a worthwhile little figure - 8/10

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