Legends Rescue Ratchet Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rescue Ratchet
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Search & Rescue Humvee

Height: 4cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A white search & rescue Humvee with metallic blue painted windows, black plastic tyres, a black grille area with silver headlights and black storage racks on his roof. There are some red lines running down the sides, with a electrocardiogram kink in the middle - although he loses the text of the full sized toy. There's a stroberack on his roof - which is now unpainted. Rescue Ratchet is a repaint of Legends Ratchet, with the EKG to match that toy rather than to match the modified paint job of the larger Rescue Ratchet. This is forced - the EKG is sculpted onto the sides. The black impact bars on the front and storage racks are also taken from the Legends Ratchet, rather than being based on the grey of Rescue Ratchet, although there is no reason for this. So I can deal with the red paint issues, but the black bars are rather unfocused. There are a few screws and pins visible which break things up a little, but generally as Legends sized toys go the colours are fairly good here - if not really true to the larger toy.

   There's almost no play value here - which is standard at this size. The wheels roll while the spare on the roof can also turn - although not roll - if you turn it with some force. So the latter barely qualifies as play value, but it's still possible. There are some gaps on this truck, and while I can forgive the one at the back, I wish they'd made the visible shoulder struts on his doors white rather than black, since they make the holes in the doors seem bigger. The arms are somewhat visible underneath, but being at the bottom, this is only an issue if you look at this small toy at table level.

   A decent truck overall, even if there are some detractions like the pins and gaps. I don't like the laziness of using the black paint on the various detailing which should be grey, even though the black looks nice enough. While it's a little cheap, Rescue Ratchet does look good and isn't overly simplified like some Legends toys.


   Quite different to the full sized toy. Swing the side panels of the rear section out and back to form legs, fold down his feet. Rotate the front underneath the roof of the truck, stand him up. Unclip the arms and slide them out to the sides, revealing his head and face.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6cm

   A white robot with black feet and a grey painted chest, Rescue Ratchet has a red head with a grey face and an Autobot logo on his waist. I don't really understand why they're grey on the chest and not the front of the truck - they're meant to be the same thing. Sadly this smacks of lack of focus. The rear wheels are in his knees, and look a little awkward there. Rescue Ratchet still doesn't look much like his larger version - there's not as much red here as on the big toy and much of the truck ends up in different places. This toy does look okay on its own merit, although he really needs more red.

   The sculpt ranges from good on the torso and face to bad on the legs, with the arms somewhere in between. The facial sculpt is largely drowned out by the relatively dark grey plastic in that location.

   Poseability here is poor - the arms swing at the shoulders but that's about it. The waist doesn't fit together properly, so the entire torso can swing like a pendulum, although I'm not sure I want it to do that. It moves out of place on occasion since nothing clips down.

   A reasonable robot mode, but nothing spectacular. I find this robot mode less satisfying than Ratchet's, because of the dearth of red paint and the inconsistency of the grey chest. This toy really focuses more on the vehicle mode, which is all we saw in the film, to be fair. The poseability and paint mask are a little lacking - although at this size class a lot of toys lack effort.


   None as such. Rescue Ratchet was sold in a two pack with Brawl.


   Conceptually this is a good Legends sized toy, but the application of this repaint is lazy - it feels like the unfocused attempt to reuse the mould that it is. Granted the entire Rescue Ratchet concept is a pretty marginal repaint, but there's still a distinct laziness here which bothers me. He's still decent as Legends go, and Brawl is good enough that I wanted the duo, but I'm not sure I'd recommend Rescue Ratchet on his own. His truck mode is nice with some limitations and the robot mode - whilst disappointing in some aspects - has its strong points, but I'd recommend Legends Ratchet over this figure - 4.5/10

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