Legends Recon Barricade Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Barricade
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Mustang Saleen Police Cruiser

Thanks to griffin for loaning me Recon Barricade for this review

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A small dark blue Mustang with silver on the borders of his windows, on the roof and hood, Recon Barricade is a repaint of Legends Barricade. This release shares the name - but not colours of a deluxe Barricade. There are low detail silver badges on either door, incorporating purple stamped Decepticon logos. Unlike the original, the head & taillights are unpainted. Barricade has a red and blue lightrack on his roof. While some detail is inevitably lost compared to the deluxe mould this is a pretty good scaling down. It's a messy repaint though, thanks to some black panels on his roof and colours that don't really mean anything.

   The small black plastic tyres roll, although he doesn't roll too well. The windows are painted black, while the doors don't open. There's no Frenzy toy in the engine this time - just not enough room for that here. The impact bar still swings down for some reason - it's useless but I still like the fact that this element was added, even if it's black and should probably be blue.

   A good mini Mustang, but a poor repaint and one that doesn't really make any sense aside from being a generic US police car colour scheme.


   Pull the sides out and swing down to form arms, fold down the hood to form his chest and flip up the head. Fold down the rear to form his boots, flip out the feet.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A blue robot with silver hands and a silver chest a black head and red eyes. Again the colours don't really mean anything, but they're not the mess we saw in his robot mode. Granted the black head and feet don't quite work, but it works well enough. The face is quite well sculpted. Sadly the Decepticon logos on his doors aren't very visible - they're on the outside of his arms.

   The bodyshape is a little off, again this comes down to simplification. The hunched legs are really quite noticeable, the knees are really awkward. The simplified arms are still long with shoulder pylons - but unlike those of the deluxe there's little detailing, so the arms look awkward.

   Poseability is okay - the shoulders struts with ball joints on the ends while the hips and ankles are ball jointed. The knees are stuck in 70 angle, but can still swing back. Sadly a lot of copol poses are excluded with the Osteoporosis knees here.

   A reasonable robot mode, which is held back slightly by the knees. The arms have problems, but they still work okay thanks to their poseability, but the knees are both awkward and lacking poseability. The paint job is okay despite this being a fairly arbitrary repaint.


   None as such, although as mentioned he is a repaint of the movie coloured Legends Barricade.


   A decent Legends mould but this is a repaint for the sake of doing a repaint, and it shows. The car mode's colour scheme is very disjointed and the robot mode, while better, doesn't match Barricade as seen in the film. The detailing is generally good - save for the robot arms. The robot's knees are my main gripe, aside from the colours. I'd track down the original version instead - 5/10

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