Longtooth Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Longtooth
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Undersea Defence
Alternate Mode: Truck

Height: 3cm Length: 7cm Width: 3.5cm

   A grey, blue and red truck, Longtooth is rd at the rear, grey ad the front with blue front fenders and an off-white windshield. His plastic tyres are grey while you can attach an optional white gun on top. The colour scheme is pretty bland, and while the colours are put together rather randomly, Longtooth isn't at all garish. This truck could best be described as a Cybertronian vehicle, and the general shape is camper-like (think Trailbreaker), although the front resembles the bow of a boat - which makes sense for an aquatic character.

   There's really not a lot to this truck mode. The sculpted detail is reasonably good but without any paint (save for the window), you don't really notice anything. The gun can attach and is able to turn through 360 while the wheels roll (although not well). While it's not really a _bad_ vehicle, it's small, simple and ultimately forgettable - which is why this toy has been named for the Pretender shell.


   Detach the entire back section (the red part) and set aside - it can clip onto the shell as a very unconvincing backpack. Flip up the front, flip over the now visible robot boots and stand him up.

Height: 7cm Width: 3.5cm

   A grey robot with blue boots, arms and a blue head. Longtooth has an off white face while the front tyres sit on his shoulders. The colour scheme is nice and the layout works very well (and strongly reminds of Beachcomber). The loss of red helps Longtooth, since the two colours compliment each other and make more sense as a pair.

   While the truck mode is not worth a second though, this robot mode at least looks nice- even if again Longtooth is very simple. As with most of the other 1989 small Pretenders, the robot mode isn't hindered by a vehicle mode - Longtooth gives very little to the truck mode, which relies on the backpack. So while there's not much to say about this robot mode, it is an attractive one, better than many other Pretenders.

   There's minimal play value here - not that I'm expecting much. The shoulders swing, allowing Longtooth to aim his handgun, while you can achieve a walking pose by partially bending one knee - although it takes a little effort.

   A simple but attractive robot mode, Longtooth doesn't have anything maritime in robot mode, but otherwise is decent for what he is. Again he's far from memorable, but this is his better mode.

The Pretender Shell

   A grey and dirty yellow humanoid walrus creature with lemon yellow armour and a distinct hunchback. The left eye is covered with a laser sight like lens while two large tusks stand out amongst a bunch of white teeth. While the shoulderpads and fists are a shade of blue, there's not really any correlation between this shell and the land loving robot that hides inside it. The derivation of his name is quite obvious, and I like the choice of the walrus theme - it's a welcome departure from the generic Caucasian human shells of most Autobot Pretenders.

   This shell comes with a larger white gun, made of soft plastic, while the red backpack doesn't really belong here. The shell is far more distinctive and memorable than the inner robot - unsurprisingly the Marvel comics focused on the shell rather than the inner robot. The main body is a dirty yellow while the head and arms are grey - the head and body are covered in sculpted fur while there a sculpted anchor on his left arm. The belt buckle is a (yellow) skull, suggestive of a pirate theme, which is supported by what I guess you could call the bionic eyepatch.

   The backpack doesn't hold on too well, which doesn't overly bother me since he looks better without it. While the Marvel comics gave Longtooth a spear, he comes only with his gun. The shoulders swing, giving Longtooth poseability similar to most Pretender shells. It's worth noting that the shell doesn't split in a straight line - instead it follows the curve of his slightly hunched knees.

   One of the more imaginative Pretender shells with a slightly haphazard mix of maritime themes. The colours are unusual and help this shell stand out. The backpack is annoying but some of the finer details such as his belt buckle and the anchor on his arm.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While his shell is quite distinctive with some nice features, Longtooth's inner robot is quite forgettable. The robot mode looks decent but ultimately forgettable while the truck mode is a folded up robot with a truck on top. Longtooth's shell makes him one of the more interesting Pretenders, but there's nothing exceptional about the robot inside - one for the Pretender fans - 6/10

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