Lockdown Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Lockdown
Series: Animated
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Bounty Hunter
Alternate Mode: Muscle Car

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Lockdown for this review

Height: 3.5cm Length: 14cm Width: 8.5cm

   A black stylised muscle car with transparent red windows and some lime green on the front fenders, Lockdown has some silver highlights which are a mixture of painted (the front bumper, spikes on the roof, Decepticon symbol on roof) and plastic (exhausts on the side, exposed engine). Much of the black is actually painted over silver or transparent red, giving Lockdown a matte effect. The colours remind me of the late G1 European toys, with the bright green and the transparent red extending to his headlights. Which isn't a great thing, really. It's not really a bad colour scheme but the colour placement just feels lazy. If the headlights wore silver I'd be a lot happier with what is effectively a good set of colours.

   As with all Animated toys, Lockdown isn't really striving for realism, yet manages to not be too stylised. The cabin is narrow and the engine way too big - there's no way a driver could see where he's going, but the general shape is still a muscle car. The spines on his roof, and hubcaps, convey a prickly, rogue character, as does the cowcatcher shaped bumper. There are a lot of seams here, but the black masks them well.

   Play value is minimal, he rolls along and looks cartoony. He stays together fairly well, but just doesn't do much.

   A decent car mode, while the colours aren't quite as clever as I'd like, the muscle car works, and the shape is quite appealing. It's a little static, but no more so than many other deluxes. A great display piece, but this is his better mode.


   Detach the sides and swing forward to form his legs - one or both hips are likely to pop off. Detach the front, with the gun, and set aside as a weapon. Extend the legs, fold in the fenders to form hips. Rotate the taillights to form feet. Rotate the waist, split the rear and unfold the halves to become arms. Fold out the hands, lift up his shoulderpads. Open the chest, flip out the head and push the chest back in. The front piece is a compound weapon - there's a silver hook which deploys from underneath and two silver barrels deploy on either side. The weapon clips onto the outside of either forearm.

Height: 19cm Width: 11.5cm

   A black robot with lime green paint on his hips and torso, and some army green on his chest. His hands and toes are silver along with the face, which sports red eyes. There is a weak lightpipe which is overwhelmed by bright light behind it - kind of self defeating, really. The colours are again a little awkward, the two greens clash. The black and silver works well enough, however. Again there are silver spikes - on his shoulderpads and neck. There's a silver Decepticon logo on his chest.

   While the car mode isn't overly stylised, the robot mode sure is. He's a caricature more than he's a robot. The torso is very slender, the arms are very slender, the neck is very think, tapering to his head. The hips are lizard hips - struts push out to the sides, and the legs attach to the outsides of these struts, The small, slender arms look even worse next to the long, bulky legs. I should also point out that the open hands only swing out to 45 - if you try to force them to go any further, they're likely to break.

   Lockdown is inordinately tall for a deluxe, which sounds like a good thing, but there isn't really any extra mass here - remembering that the torso is slight and the arms are slight. His height somewhat masks the misanthropic shape, but doesn't make up for it.

   Lockdown may look like a cartoon character on acid, but he is quite poseable. The head turns about 20 each way while the shoulders, elbows and and hips are ball jointed, but the latter pop out far too easily. The knees are hinged, but the hinges are too far up the legs. He doesn't have big heelspurs, but with the huge legs and small torso and arms, his centre of gravity is low enough that he doesn't need them to achieve dynamic poses.

   His weaponry works well, the hook looks pretty good and the barrels do a good job of making the engine look like a gun. The "gun" is meant to be an EMP generator, mind you, so I'm not really sure why it needs barrels. There are no gimmicks.

   A very ugly robot mode with weird proportions, a neck that most bouncers would be scared of and hands that aren't designed to transform properly. His poseability is fairly good but the hips pop off too easily, making me not want to pose him. The weapon looks nice, but the robot itself just does not display well - since it's a monster, not a robot.


   None that I'm aware of. There is a retooled "Blazing" Lockdown, and BotCon (Animated) Wildrider is a repaint of Blazing Lockdown.


   A freaky robot form which is downright ugly, loose hips and some misguided colour choices ruin the potential of a really good car concept. The car looks good, if not perfect, but with no play value, it's not enough to save Lockdown from a very disappointing robot mode - 3.5/10

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