Generations Select Lobclaw Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Lobclaw (AKA Nautilator) - for whatever reason it's "Lobclow" on the box
Series: Generations Select
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Lobster

Height: 6cm Length: 19cm Width: 12cm (all will depend on pose - height is with gun on top)

   An aqua lobster with eight black legs on either side, yellow eyes and black atop his head. There's a Destron logo on top of his head, but it's a fairly straightforward colour scheme. While the original Nautilator toy had a grey thorax and grey claws, Lobclaw abandons grey - which is faithful to how Lobclaw was portrayed in the Masterforce cartoon. So while it's a fairly straightforward colour scheme, it's faithful to G1.

   Lobclaw shares a few parts with Blot and Gulf, but I wouldn't call him a retool. The core of thorax is shared with these two, along with the forward section of the abdomen (which is the front of the boots of the other two). The lower pincers of his claws are shared with Blot also, but really, there's not a whole lot similar in the transformations of Lobclaw and the other two. You can see the shared elements if you look; but this isn't really a retool. There are, however two aspects of this beast mode where this becomes relevant - firstly the claws splay out to the side like the arms of Blot (and I suspect this is why they used Blot's torso as a base). Secondly, the lobster legs tab into notches on the underside (chest) - which are pre-existing parts of the sculpt. The alignment has to be _perfect_ for them to stay in place, since there's not much depth to these notches - but thankfully since he rests on the legs anyway, the weight of the toy will keep them aligned anyway.

   Play value here is reasonably limited, but sufficient. His claws have ball joints at the shoulders and elbows, his head can tilt down and the lower jaw can open and shut. The lower pincers pivot, allowing his claws to close. The legs on either side are a single piece, and while it's hinged, it doesn't really add to his play value. The black gun can plug in on top - behind the head - or atop the head.

   A well defined lobster and a colour scheme that tributes Masterforce well - if not so much the G1 toy. Play value is fairly limited, but I am aware than this is partly because the creature is lying down anyway, which limits the amount of poseability he's going to have. The claws are poseable and his gun works well. I like the fact that while he's using some pieces of Blot, he doesn't feel like a retool (and to be honest, this more a case of shared parts than a retool).


   Detach and set aside his tail and gun. Unclip and swing back the lobster legs. Unclip the underside of the abdomen, pivot the upper back and clip these together to form his boots; split the legs and fold the lobster legs back. Unclip the beast head and pivot back, clipping it onto the back. Swing down the claws as arms, collapse his shoulders and pivot the pincers in to reveal his hands. Rotate the head and waist. Flip out his tail gun, place his guns in either hand.

Height: 15cm Width: 9cm

   The grey now shows up - Lobclaw has a grey torso and grey thighs. His limbs are aqua, his head and the combiner peg on his chest are black. He has a gold mouthplate and red eyes, which matches the G1 toy's card art (rather than the yellow face of the toy). There's a Destron logo on his chest, rounding out a colour scheme that does along with the G1 toy; and one that also works visually.

   There's more in common with Blot here, now. The torso, upper arms and legs are shared with Blot. And, like Blot, Lobclaw's G1 toy had a terrible robot mode - a single piece for the boots - which was also hollow - and possibly the worst backpack of kibble ever. Thankfully, like Blot, this robot mode is much cleaner than the mess that is the G1 toy. Sure, there's a backpack, but it's much smaller and more elegant. It also clips in properly, unlike that of Gulf. The lobster legs are on the back of his boots, but essentially stay out of the way there.

   Lobclaw's play value is great. The head, shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while his knees are hinged with rotators and his waist rotates. All of these joints work well, and he doesn't share any of the issues that Gulf suffers - his backpack clips in very securely. Both his black handgun and the gun formed from his tail fit nicely into his hands - they technically can combine as the black gun forms the "core" of the combiner weapon for King Poseidon... but it's not much of a combination. The tail-gun looks surprisingly good, though. You can stow one of the weapons on his back - both will overbalance him, however.

   An excellent robot mode that, like Blot before him, is both without flaws and a massive improvement on the train wreck that was his G1 toy's robot mode. Good weapons, good play value, kibble that minds its own business and a colour scheme that matches G1 - this robot mode has it all.


   None that I'm aware of. He forms the right arm of King Poseidon.


   This is a really good retool - not only because it manages to retain the strengths of Blot - but also manages to do so despite a very different beast mode and transformation. He's not perfect - the lobster legs don't quite attach as firmly as they should - but it's not far off it. His lobster mode diverges from the G1 toy's colours, having decided to go down the route of using the Masterforce cartoon as inspiration, but the robot mode sticks to the toy (which makes sense - the Season limbs never transformed in that show). One of the better Generations Selects Seacons - made sweet by how bad the original was - 9/10

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