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Individual Review

Name: Loafer
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cyberton
Alternate Mode: Robot/Headmaster Head

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Loafer, making this review possible.

Height: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   A magenta and purple robot similar to a standard large Headmaster Head such as Arcana. Loafer has a magenta torso and head with purple limbs and a silver painted face. His face is quite robotic compared to most of the bundled Nebulons and his slender arms and legs are distinctly different as well. The colours are a lot brighter than most of the other Headmaster heads and his limbs are distinctly different to the generic mould used for the limbs of the bundled heads. There are little talon-like protrusions hanging off his fists, a nice touch.

   The articulation is the same as the other humanoid Headmaster heads, and while his arms are able to lift, Loafer is unable to sit down thanks to the shape of the face on his back. He's also somewhat tricky to stand thanks to his small feet and slender legs.


   As with the standard Headmasters, you fold his legs forward and up and flip over his back panel to reveal the face.

   A magenta head with a silver face, there are two spines on top of the forehead similar to the talons on Loafer's arms - a nice thematic touch. The face is detailed and looks different to most Headmaster heads, with small but well defined facial features. The distinctive magenta clashes with many of the Headmasters, although it'll fit into Snapdragon and especially Apeface's colour schemes.

   I have Loafer plugged into Brainstorm and the tech spec meter reads SPD 10, STR 10 and INT 9, representing a significant upgrade compared to the stats generated by Arcana. Having said that, Arcana's colours look about eight times nicer alongside those of Brainstorm.


   As with all of the Headmaster heads, Loafer was only available in Japan. There was an all-white store exclusive version, which is very rare.


   Loafer is quite distinct from the bundled Headmaster heads, but I'm not so sure if the differences are enough to justify his cost on the secondary market. Both the robot mode and head mode are different, but the fact remains that he's still just a Headmaster head which turns into a small robot. If you have the money and want to grab one of these figures, Loafer is probably the most interesting of the humanoid ones - 5/10

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