Legends Movie Jazz Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Jazz
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Pontiac Solstice Sports Car

Note: I have the two pack version of Legends Jazz, which was bundled with Legends Bonecrusher, and have reviewed that version, with the two other versions covered in the Variations section.

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A silver sports car with light blue windows, black plastic wheels and some prominent robot junk on the roof - a false car front, in fact. This is not a good vehicle mode, since the false front on top is well painted with black and yellow while the real front is devoid of paint. The silver plastic is milky and looks really cheap, although I don't think it actually is poor plastic. Other than the windows, the only car mode paint is black on the back of his spoiler, but I can't work out why they've bothered with paint there instead of the grille. The colours are Jazz, but the layout is just baffling since it accentuates all the wrong features.

   While the paint job sucks, the sculpt is pretty good for a legends toy, with a grille, headlights, fog lights, doorhandles & seams, side mirrors, taillights and even vents on his bonnet. The shape is a little stylised to make sure that the transformation works at this scale, but it's still a Pontiac. The sculpt isn't really what you notice, sadly - the painted junk on top grabs your attention instead. There are heelspurs sticking out from the front bumper which I'm not really happy about, although I understand why he needs them. There is no play value other than rolling wheels, but I don't expect any on a legends car.

   Well, this car mode has all the necessary stuff, but the crap on his roof, poor choice of paint applications and heelspurs all work against this car. I can live with the heelspurs, but the others just do too much harm, visually. He holds together quite well and has a good sculpt, but is nothing on the deluxe in car mode.


   Pull the doors out to the sides to form his arms, swing the front down and rotate to form his legs. Fold down the feet and the chestplate.

Height: 8cm Width: 4.5cm

   A silver robot with black thighs and feet, Jazz now has a well paint false car front on his chest, a blue eyestrip and a black Autobot logo stamped on his groin. The colours are good here, with the prominent paint that worked against his car mode so effectively doing a good job this time. My gripe isn't so much that these aspects are paint, rather that they're painted _instead of_ the same features on the car mode. At any rate, this is a well painted robot, and I'll give credit for that.

   The arms are... doors... with shallow arms sculpted inside. Jazz seems destined to have bad arms, just as Starscream is destined to have too much kibble in jet mode. They don't in the way of themselves as on the larger toy, mind you. The saddlebags attached to his knees - which are the halves of the windshield - do prevent the arms from resting at his sides, but then arms slightly forward looks fine. The sculpt is again good here, with the head nice and detailed, the chest is excellent and there are details on the waist, arms, feet and boots. The saddlebag kibble is my main complaint, but it's not a killer. Jazz's poseability is pretty good, with swinging shoulders and ball jointed hips and rotating knees. While the knees aren't hinged the heelspurs anchor poses well, which is why I can deal with them in car mode.

   A pretty good robot in in context. The poseability is considered, the paint job is good and there's decent detailing. Okay, so the arms are kinda crappy, but they're no worse than the efforts seen on the deluxe, and I'm more willing to accept limitations at this scale. I would have preferred the false grille to be unpainted for the sale of the car mode, but it does look good here.


   The original has a different paint job, the far more paint on the car mode and an unpainted grille. There's no random black on the spoiler and some gold accents in robot mode. I'm not sure if the plastics vary. There is also a Final Battle version, which isn't a retooling, which was sold in a two pack with Ice Megatron.

   There is also Final Battle version, which isn't a retooling, sold in a two pack with Ice Megatron. This one is identical to the two pack Jazz in vehicle mode, and very similar in robot mode - some black lighting-like "damage" is present on the shins and groin. Thanks to Tiby for loaning me his Final Battle Jazz, allowing a direct comparison.


   I get the feeling that this version was touched up for the sake of being different, but I really don't think the changes to the paint job improve the concept enough to justify having both versions - in fact he goes backwards. Either way, the false front on the car's roof is not a good thing, although the sculpt is decent in both modes and the robot mode looks good. His poseability is admirable, even if the saddlebags get in the way a little. I'd recommend the original over the version I have, and I should point out that I only picked up this one because I wanted Legends Bonecrusher. As good as many of the details are on this mould, the false front really breaks the car mode - 4/10 for the two pack version, 5/10 for the original, 4.5 for Final Battle.

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